Gaming on smart phones is increasingly popular with gaming enthusiasts as it is easy to interact, play and entertain at times of stress without the need for bulky bundles. Therefore, in today’s article I will introduce to you mobile games extremely attractive. The games that I’m going to introduce here are the Top 10 Best Android Game of 2017.

If you are a true mobile gamer, especially on Android games, you will not be able to skip these games.

1.Asphalt8: Airborne

If you mention Game for Android 2017, you cannot miss the racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne from Gameloft. This is a sports game with top-quality graphics that are so well known all over the world, owning an impressive collection of cars with lots of exciting racing tracks and background music. You can upgrade or unlock new car after completing the missions that the game offers. In addition, Asphalt 8 also supports online play mode, allowing you to challenge friends or rivals online, which brings more fun and fierce competition. In particular, the game allows players to download completely free.

Asphalt8 Airborne

Link download: Android

2.Dead Trigger 2

If you are a follower of the zombie genre on mobile devices, you must know Dead Trigger 2.

Dead Trigger, launched on mobile devices (both iOS and Android) for the first time in 2012, with graphics platform using the most beautiful Unity engine at that time. With a zombie-style “hysterical” game play, and the rigor of game play and equipment design, the game really gets players excited to experience it.

Dead Trigger 2 is a fast-paced game where Zombies are invincible from side to side, aggressive attacking you – players with everything, even when they have lost their hands, legs – forced try to kill them to survive.

Dead Trigger 2

Link download: Android


Third place went to Zombie, UNKILLED. This is one of the most underrated zombie shooter games of 2015, but after a while development, UNKILLED has created a huge fan base. Your job is to destroy all the zombies with over 300 missions and 50 different weapons.

With a nice view and unique game play, this is really a great game to try for those who love zombie shooting.


Link download: Android


The fifth game I mentioned will also be a zombie game! lol just kidding! This is a MOBA game

If you are a fan of MOBA games on PC you cannot ignore Vainglory on the list of best android games 2017. Vainglory is a game of MOBA tactical opposition; you will control a general and side with teammates. , aiming to defeat the enemy across the map. The highlight of this game is not the nice graphics but the general system, skills and items can be upgraded.


Link download: Android

5.Smash Hit

The fifth game is a game with very simple game play.

Smash Hit is one of the “easy-to-play, addictive” games that have a very impressive 3D interface.

Users can also adjust the graphical quality, select the level of play and view their achievements at the game’s main screen. With Smash Hits, the player’s task is to use the ball to extend the journey. You can open your way by breaking the bar blocking the road or activate the buttons to open the door.

Smash Hit

Link download: Android

6.Sky Force Reloaded

One of the names is extremely familiar and has been on the smart phone for a long time. Sky Force Reloaded is a line of traditional aircraft games, but with stunning graphics, not only inherited from the previous version, Sky Force Reloaded is also upgraded in terms of graphics, sound and game play. The game promises to bring gamers flying stages and fierce battle scenes.

Sky Force Reloaded Sky Force Reloaded

Link download: Android

7.Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is one of the “rare” winds in the gaming industry that many users love. It’s a bit like “This War of Mine,” but it’s brighter in color and the game play is much more fun. In the game, you will build and develop a shelter with good habitat for survivors (called residents) after nuclear disaster. You will face challenges such as fire, monster attacks … and find ways to solve them to complete the game mission.

Fallout Shelter Fallout Shelter

Link download: Android

8.Clash Royale

What a serious mistake if we did not mention this game Clash Royale. This is the latest game developed by “Father” of the legendary strategy game Clash of Clan.

Clash Royale can be considered a new play of the real-time strategy game series. Each player will own a defensive area with 3 defensive towers and a line consisting of 8 cards and you have to dexterously calculate tactics so that the generals move within 2 lanes to attack the enemy. Who can destroy the main tower in the middle will win the final. Note: we only have 3 minutes to carry out our plans and destroy the opponent.

Clash Royale

Link download: Android

9.Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope is a well-known game and it is loved by many people thanks to its cute graphics and funny sound. Cut the Rope: Magic continues to bring Om Nom frog adventure with the mission of defeating evil wicked spider monsters and regain the candy he has stolen. Experience the game and you will have a very relaxing time.

Cut the Rope Magic Cut the Rope Magic

Link download: Android

10.Pokemon GO

The last game in the best android game 2017 is a very well-known game when it comes out as Pokémon Go, although it is not as attractive as it was before. In the game, you will explore the real space around you to catch the Pokémon Go. Nintendo recently upgraded many new features to improve game play and fix errors related to GPS navigation, to prevent bad players from possessing all of the special Pokémon. Download this game to experience the game with this unique virtual reality technology.

Pokemon GO

Link download: Android









SlideIT is a virtual Android keyboard application that allows users to write in a variety of ways, such as slides, touch or by your voice. This is a very well known application and is used by many Android users around the world.

With more than 6 million downloads on Google Play, SlideIT Keyboard is really a handy and useful app for users and has been recognized by everyone. In addition, the app was awarded the Android bestseller and was selected as an editor’s choice by Google.

SlideIT keyboard


The first impression of this app is the convenience and support for multiple devices. To use, you just go to Google Play and download the app to your computer. With very light capacity and support from the Android 2.0 version including tablets (Android4.1), it can be said that SlideIT is compatible with almost all Android devices today.

Size: 6,9M.

The second impression is its usability. You’ll find it helps you in writing quicly and easily. SlideIT has a lot of features, and its excellent tool completely helps you forget the touching keyboard available on your Android device. The typical features of SlideIT are smart predictions, over 70 language packs, more than 60 skins for you, keyboard customization. And if you do not like the slide for writing, you can still customize the touching mode for use in SlideIT.

Multi langaugeSkins

The third impression is also about the features of SlideIT, which is detailed in supporting the user. Let’s list some of the features that i have used and feel very useful in SlideIT:

  • First of all, slideIT keyboard allows users to write text by “”. With SlideIT, you do not need to type each letter, you just slide your finger across the letters and words will display on the screen.

keyboard Sliding

  • Word guessing. For example, when you write the word “THE”. Once you’ve written the letter T, the top bar of SlideIT will appear a series of predictions like The, They, There … and you just “tapping” on one of them to display it without continue typing the remaining words.

keyboard Tapping

  • In addition to predicting the letter when you are writing the first letter of the word, it also allows you to predict the next letter as soon as you have finished writing the word. For example, when you are finished with “HELLO”, the system will display a list of words, all, everyone…

keyboard Next word prediction

  • ABC mode allows you to use as a normal touch screen keyboard when you need to enter the exact word as the pass or address of someone.

keyboard ABC mode

  • QWERTYUIOP row with the accompanying numbers, click on them will have a suggest number for you to click. I really like this feature because it reduces the steps to switch the display to write the number while ensuring constant interface.

keyboard number suggestion

  • Ability to analyze voice is a unique feature of SlideIT. However sometimes we will encounter funny moment when using it.

keyboard Speech recognition

  • Hold down any key to reveal the symbols on the keyboard for you, and they will be suggested on the top bar of SlideIT as numbers.

keyboard long press symbol

  • You can add or remove words to the predictive dictionary in SlideIT. You can also back up and restore it if you lose your phone or the app is uninstalled. In particular, you can import your contacts to display in the predictive dictionary.

keyboard Bakup/restore dictionnary
keyboard Import contacts

  • There are also 12 shortcuts for fast actions:
  1. Open camera
  2. Insert time
  3. Open phone dialer
  4. Select all
  5. Insert date
  6. Insert email
  7. Open keyboard settings
  8. Cut
  9. Copy
  10. Paste
  11. Open browser
  12. Send email

keyboard Fast actions


SlideIT Keyboard is really a great app. It saves you a lot of time in writing mail, sending SMS or chatting with your friends. Besides, full supporting and easy to use has made SlideIT a popular application that many people love and use. But in general, slide function of SlideIT is more suitable for smartphone than widescreen tablet.



If you are a gamer, you’ve probably heard from Q-style (Chibi style) when it comes to graphics of some games. That is the graphics with the short, short, most people will have a round face and extremely lovely. This style of graphics is very popular all over the world and has appeared in the long range of games from PC games to mobile games, web games flash…. However, in a myriad of games and graphics like that, where would be the most cute and favorite games? In this article I will introduce to you 5 favorite mobile games are very popular style Q style graphics.

1.Medal Masters

The first game I want to introduce to you is a mobile game released by Nexon of Korea. Not surprisingly, the Medal Masters are well received and widely distributed in Uncle America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and more than 15 other countries around the world. When you first enter the game you will be infatuated with the chibi form extremely cute but also exudes strong demeanor style of each character.

Medal Masters

In addition, the gameplay in Medal Masters also impressed the player. You will have to do quests or find a way to collect the heroes to sort your squad. Maximum of up to 6 Heroes can be used in battle. And when you’re done, the Heroes will automatically fight and you will experience a very fiery firefighting in large battles from 4vs4 upwards with continuous attacks, and when enough you also have the ability to activate the special skills of each Hero anymore.

Medal Masters
Besides, you will also feel the world in Medal Masters is extremely interesting because the Hero class is extremely rich, you will have witches, archers, swordsmen … and each Hero has. Your gorgeous pictures with exquisite graphics will surprise you and really want to own them. Try to win the battle, successfully cross the rails to get the medals and open them to receive rewards, maybe you are lucky and can open rare Heroes?

Link download: iOSAndroid

2.Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

In the year 2016, Nintendo’s and Niantic’s shake hands up a game where millions of people are forced to go out and find cute Pokemons with chibi style. With the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology such as global positioning and AR technology, Pokémon GO has become a game that young people are extremely fond of and look forward to at the time.

Come to Pokemon GO, you will find them through the GPS positioning system and then you have to train them to become stronger and take off against other players in the designated locations real life.

For some people (including myself), they love the game simply because they want to collect as many Pokémon as they are extremely cute and cute.

Link download: iOSAndroid

3.Clash of Clan

It will be a huge omission if we do not point to the top game in the world. This is a free mobile game with chibi graphics extremely different, it still feels cute, lovely from the character formation, works in the game but still has a very own game character “Europe” really.

Clash of Clan

In addition, talking about the hotness of the game cannot fail to talk about its play. First, the game will give the player a particular territory and you will need to build, upgrade and defend your territory. Besides, you also have to send troops to take over and loot the territory of other players.

territory Clash of Clan

Do you know what makes this game so popular and has more players? Let me show you! That is the feature when you online will not be attacked by others in their own territory. Extremely interesting and highly addictive feature is not it ^^!

Link download: iOSAndroid

4.Mystic Kingdom

The fourth game I want to introduce to you is Mystic Kingdom, a mobile game that mixes the tactics of Netmarble, the big company in the Korean game industry.

Mystic Kingdom

The gameplay of the game is familiar but very interesting. You will have to collect Hero, complete quests and participate in many battles to level up your Hero and train them more and more powerful. Along with the gameplay of 5 vs. 5 and a variety of skill systems, the game allows the player to enjoy the game and to lead them in the right direction by thinking strategically and tactically.

Mystic Kingdom

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the crisp and vivid 3D graphics of the Mystic Kingdom. You will be fascinated with the elaborate image of each of the Heroes in the system, with more than 50 heroes in the game, will be amazed at the magnificence of the 5 to 5 high score battles with a dense density of skills and Beautiful effect is emitted …

Link download: iOSAndroid

5.NomNom Monste

If the 4 games on the gameplay is rich and unique, in this last game I want to introduce to you is a free to play mobile game that cannot be easier, a common feature of Games on iOS. When entering NomNom Monster, you control a little monster and try to eat the food around to be bigger and sometimes if you are lucky, you will encounter rare foods that help the monster grow fast than. However, the main attraction of the game is that you will have to deal with other online players, they will also control monsters like you, but the size of monsters will vary depending on the amount of food that Eatable monster. You will have to run around in order to dodge larger monsters as they are capable of eating you to make you lose your life, or you will chase after the smaller “prey” you can eat it lol.

NomNom Monster

And to be more attractive, the publisher also added special items to the maps to help the monsters have special abilities such as fast run, attack, defense … In addition, the graphics stage also affected part to the success of this title. The monsters look extremely cute, lovely and fun under the unique style Q style.

Link download:  Android


Here are 5 popular Q style mobile games that are loved by many gamers around the world. Each game will have its own play and appeal. Try to experience a game to see if it is attractive enough to you!

In today’s most popular internet, mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. are almost the same thing that everyone must own at least one to catch up with social development. Since then, massively multiplayer game companies have launched a number of mobile game titles to capture this opportunity. However, among them, we do not know all know about all the games, do not know what is good games, what is bad game, what game is suitable for you. So today I will introduce to you 5 new mobile games that I consider to be worth the experience.

1.Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition

The first game I introduced to you was Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition, a fighting action genre developed by Nekki. You will enter some characters in the game directly against other opponents. The point of the game is to have a mana system, which is essential for you to release skills in combat. Each time you cast a mana skill will decrease, and it will recur slowly over time. About the game, the game is similar to the game of resistance, the game is designed on the horizontal screen and there are two groups of virtual keys. The group on the left for you to move the character and the right group consists of four icons corresponding to 4 skills.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Weapon systems in the game are also varied, but you need to buy them, but not free. Also need to mention the image of the game and character formation. The game has a slightly cartoon-oriented image and in particular, the characters will be just black shadows, which makes me personally feel Asian Ninja game. However, once you release the skill, you will see that the character’s character will adorn the effect of this skill.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Link download: iOSAndroid

2.Hunters League

The Hunters League is an action-packed role-playing game developed by O’ol Blue Inc. The game has a very unique team mode and unique features, you will be able to just shoot the gun while dodging and rush to fight with the enemy in each character to coordinate with the team to win.

Hunters League

You will experience the feeling of just right tactical calculations, just right and proper use of special skills, ensuring you will feel very happy hands and eyes. In addition, the Hunters League also allows players to transfer the character’s role by converting weapons. Besides, it has to mention the “Hot” features such as the attractive PvP arena or the Resources War to win their own rewards.

This game has extremely impressive hand-drawn 3D graphics, in addition it is attractive because of the skill of combo skills or the team coordination to destroy the big Boss.

Hunters League

Link download: iOSAndroid

3.Flippy Knife

Game 3 I want to introduce in this article is a game with a very simple but challenging game: Flippy Knife. This is an action game developed by Beresnev Games. The game is not too difficult game but the challenge of it is extremely attractive players.

The player controls a knife to make it move to the right target. However, while you watch the corner and throw the knife away, keep in mind that it will turn around and that you only succeed if the blade is in the target position. If the knife cannot be attached to the target, you are defeated. At that throw. There are over 35 types of knives, unique swords for players to choose and collect.

Flippy Knife

Link download: iOSAndroid

4.Radiation City

Radiation City is the latest product from Atypical Games, is also the company that created the title survival game is quite famous Radiation Island.

This is a horror-inspired game and the image of the game is extremely excellent. You will play a character trapped in a city that is radioactive and the people here are radioactive and become crazy and degenerate. You will have to do it all the way, take advantage of everything you have or find to survive and escape this dangerous city.

Radiation City

This is a game that the fans of the survival, horror games should download immediately to experience. With brilliant graphics, the game takes you into a real world from the tops of the grass to the massive buildings.

Link download: iOS

5.Raziel Dungeon Arena

Raziel Dungeon Arena, an ARPG genre developed by Guangzhou DiShiTian Software Co., Ltd., is the last game I want to introduce to you.

Raziel Dungeon Arena

Like Diablo, the Raziel Dungeon Arena will be aggressively pushed into the action, picking up bosses, picking up items … The game offers players over 60 dungeons with solo boss battles. Extremely harsh. Raziel Dungeon Arena also features 1vs1, 2vs2 modes, fierce guild battles and co-op mode for gamers to work together to win.

Raziel Dungeon Arena brings more than 20 different heroes for players to collect and choose. Each hero has different strengths and skills. The special feature of the game is that during combat, you can control both heroes at the same time and move them attack or backward to serve your strategy.

Raziel Dungeon Arena

Like the traditional ARPG titles, the heroes of the Raziel Dungeon Arena will be upgraded to power with the items found when players adventure in the dungeon. In addition, the game also allows you to create weapons and create special skills for your hero.

Link download: iOS