5 Extreme Mobile Games Like Clash Royale

Clash Royale is an extremely exciting and well-known real time strategy game world-wide. It can be said that this is one of the most popular mobile games to date. However, there is something negative about it, so does Clash Royale. The weakness of the game is that it is so well known, the player has experienced and too familiar with the game led to the "bored." Then in today's article, Mobiletextinput would like to offer you 5 very special games with the same style as Clash Royale. Maybe through this article, you will find a new wind, feel excited when starting a new journey from one of the following titles.

1.Titanfall: Assault

The first game I want to introduce to you is Titanfall: Assault, a strategy real-time strategy game developed by Respawn in cooperation with Nexon. A new mobile version is simulated by the famous PC game series Titanfall, if you are an FPS gamer, you must have heard of this game. Titanfall: Assault promises to be a new supercomputer on the mobile at this moment due to the uniqueness of it.

Titanfall: Assault follows the Titanfall version on the PC / Console, where I.M.C forces with massive galactic forces trying to suppress Militia. Playing the commanders on both sides, the player controls the most well-trained troops. From the armed forces, the pilots fly freely on the battlefield for the Titan giant with innumerable species ...

Like Clash Royale, the game allows the player to pick up soldiers at the enemy base, but now you can control your troops to the positions you want. This allows you to arbitrarily control the battlefield, coordinating the types of troops. But the most unique point of the game is the way to win. You do not need to destroy the enemy's bases and buildings, but you just need to capture multiple bases and get points from them over time. Who wins 100 points will win. Of course, you can still win faster by wiping out all your opponents.

Link download: Android

2.Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a free to play mobile game developed by EA. You will still see familiar characters from the Plants vs Zombies series on the PC, but the gameplay is a bit new compared to its original version. Let this EA have decided to hit the tactical card game market, a surprise for players who are familiar with the PC game.

If you have been through HearthStone, you'll probably be familiar with Plants vs Zombies: Heroes. The way graphics are rendered in animated style, making the gameplay closer to loved ones. However, the specific point of the game is that you will control a hero in the game to fight and defeat the enemy's hero, besides you also need to arrange the remaining cards to buff the attributes. Increases the strength of his hero when fighting. By the side, you will also encounter the familiar features such as some Hero can only move on the roof, under the lake ... and the individual skills of each Hero.

Link download: Android

3.Titan Brawl

The third game I want to introduce to you is a new MOBA game developed by Omnidrone. With its amazing gameplay and "familiar" graphics, it's easy to get addicted to this game right from the first moment of it.

Since this is a MOBA game on mobile, developers have paid great attention to the habits and the suitability of each battle, so in Titan Brawl, each battle lasted only 4 minutes, one Time too well suited to play on mobile phones. And if after 4 minutes neither party has destroyed the main enemy, the game will determine the winner by the score of each side.

At first glance, gamers will catch a glimpse of Clash Royale by its graphical style as well as the gameplay that is almost molded together. However, the difference of Titan Brawl is that the game has only two fixed lanes and players need to build their own army to be able to suppress and destroy the enemy base. In addition, the game pushes the competition of gamers to higher because of the global ranking.

Link download: Android

4.Battle Islands: Commander

The fourth game I want to introduce to you is Battle Islands: Commander. The strategy game developed by 505 Games Srl can be said to be one of the archetypal clashes of the Clash Royale. However, the context of the two games is completely different. If Clash Royale is set to be a legendary office of legend, then the Battle Islands: Commander has a more realistic, modern and clear scene, a war that is full of guns, weapons, equipment heavyweight. And your main task is to destroy the huge amphibious assault ship on the other side of the front line.

The highlight of the game is that you will have a lot of soldiers from soldiers, airmen, tanks, airplanes ... to work on building a diverse army. In addition, there are many ways to upgrade your troops so that your army will evolve in different directions, which will help players to find ways to "catch up" the enemy and build. An army of rational fighters to counter opponents.

Link download: Android

5.Siege: Titan Wars

The last game I want to introduce to you is Siege: Titan Wars. A typical Clash Royale style dropping strategy game developed by the Game Alliance. Step into the game, you will feel a fantasy world with the legendary creatures are fighting in the battlefield fierce.

However, as perceived personally, SiegeTitan Wars can be said to overcome the big shadow of Clash Royale in its play style. First you will have to create a set of tokens (this makes the game both tactical and collectible in a card game). Then you will summon your troops through these cards and attack them. If the cards are summoned to the regular soldiers or Titan automatically attacks the enemy soldiers, the types of spells allow you to automatically choose the direction in which to use them. There are various types of spells such as buffing your soldiers, increasing defense or attacking rival soldiers. This makes the player feel more active in their battles.

Link download: Android