How do I activate the keyboard?

In order to activate SlideIT follow this:

Go to: Settings --> Language & keyboard --> make sure SlideIT keyboard is checked
Make a long press on the editor (any place you can enter text) --> Input method --> SlideIT Keyboard

Why do I need to have internet access?

We require internet access to validate the product license

We do not collect any information or data which is generated by use of the SlideIT keyboard and no inforamtion is stored, sent or shared by us or by others via internet or any other connection.

What happened to the Enter key?

The functionality of the Enter key is dependent on the editor type in use.

* Standard Text editors – Enter (new line)
* Messaging Applications / SMS editors – Smiley
* Multi-field screens – Next
* Search Engines – Go

How do I resize the keyboard?

Search for the small icon with an up/down arrows at the top corner of the banner. Long press it to bring up the sizing slider and then drag the slider up/down/right/left.

I have already purchased the SlideIT keyboard from Google Play, but it keeps saying I have to buy it again!

If you bought it from Google Play using your google checkout account you don't need to pay to download it again.

Make sure you sign into your device with the same Google Account you used to purchase SlideIT.
Also check that you have an internet connection. Google Play uses the internet and your Google Account in order to make sure that it was you who purchased the application.

How do I uninstall SlideIT keyboard?

To uninstall SlideIT keyboard:

Go to: Device Settings --> Applications --> Manage applications, Uninstall SlideIT keyboard.

I am unable to use the speech recognition function!

In order to use the speech to text feature, a speech recognition service must be installed on the device

There are many speech recognition services on Googl Play. One of the most common is Google's Voice
Search application, which is pre-installed on many Android devices.

You can check if Voice Search is installed in Settings --> Applications -->Manage applications, Voice Search application.

If Google's Voice Search is not installed on your device, you can download it for free from Google Play.
Then, you should go to SlideIT Settings and enable the Speech Recognition option.

Is this a one-time payment or a monthly fee?

It is a one-time payment. Buying the app once will also entitle you to all future upgrades.

SlideIT won't accept my license information!

I entered my E-mail and Transaction ID, but keep getting a message saying that it isn't valid!

If you bought SlideIT from Google Play, you do not need to enter any information in order to validate your license. Just uninstall all versions of SlideIT from your device and then reinstall from Google Play.

If you bought SlideIT via PayPal, you should follow the instructions in the e-mail that was sent to you from Dasur. The Transaction ID in the confirmation e-mail from PayPal will not work. Please check the e-mail address you have registered with PayPal, including the spam and trash folders, for the e-mail from us regarding SlideIT.

I got a new phone / erased my old phone. Did I lose SlideIT?


If you bought SlideIT via Google Play, just log in to the market as the same user you used to buy it and you can download it from there again.
If you bought it from via PayPal, download the demo from our site and enter your code as sent to you when you purchased SlideIT.

If it is not an Android device, you will need to contact us directly.

How do I turn on caps-lock?

To turn on caps-lock, you must long-press the shift key.

I can't see what I am typing. The text area is all white!

This happens on several devices, most notably the Xoom, while in landscape mode. To fix it just go to SlideIT's Settings --> Advanced Preferences --> Landscape view mode and turn it off.

How do I change the look of SlideIT?

Go to Symbols layout --> Settings --> Skin.

You will then have the option to switch between installed skins and to download new skins from Google Play.

When will SlideIT be available for the iPhone / iPad?

We can't give an exact time for release of SlideIT for the iPhone, but we are working hard to bring it to you.

Please note, however, that Apple policy does not allow replacing the default keyboard of the iPhone.
Therefore, our keyboard will be in a standalone application.

You can see a video of the iPhone SlideIT prototype here.

What are the limitations of the demo version?

The demo version will only work for a two-week trial period. It's functionality is the same as the full version.

I have a suggestion or I found a problem. Do you want to hear it?

Yes we do!

We always love to hear what features our customers would be interested in and take your suggestions very seriously, or in the other hand, a problems and bugs that you may have found. Please send us your requests using the Contact Us form on this website or to

I made a purchase via PayPal and haven't recived the e-mail with the activation code!

Please check on your 'Spam' lable, you might find it there.

If it's not on your 'Spam' lable, please contact our customer service.

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