SlideIT provides a revolutionary new way to enter text on touchscreen devices. Just slide your finger along the letters, and watch it type your message!

What makes SlideIT unique?

5 Efficient Modes for Entering Text

SlideIT is the only available solution which supports the following modes for entering text

  • Tapping: Start tapping a word while SlideIT’s powerful prediction engine produces a choice of predicted texts for your selection.
  • Sliding: Get the desired word by sliding your finger along the keyboard.
  • Predictive Sliding: Get the desired word by sliding your finger along the keyboard – no need to complete the sliding (excellent for long words).
  • Tapping and Sliding: Tap and Slide together! Change the entry mode at any time.
  • Mixed Tapping & Sliding: Mix tapping and sliding – even on the same word! Start with tapping and continue sliding (or vice-versa). Prediction is available – there is no need to complete the tapping or sliding.

Integrated Features

SlideIT successfully integrates multiple features such as sliding, tapping, predictive text, disambiguation, shortcuts and graffiti, offering the user a friendly layout and an intuitive user interface.

Additional Features

SlideIT 6 successfully integrate Next-Word Prediction plugin powered by A.I.Type ltd. this plugin improve the SlideIT Keyboard, by better sliding recognition, better word completion, better mistyped word correction and of course - Next word prediction suggestions. This plugin can be used with the auto-leran mode.

Keyboard skins and size

Dark? Light? Big? Small? SlideIT has many different skins with a polished, clear look at any keyboard size and resolution available for download. So everybody can choose a look and size to match their preference.

Predictive Sliding

SlideIT is the only available solution that supports predictive text suggestions while sliding. Other applications provide prediction only when tapping.


You don’t have to be accurate – Dasur's pattern recognition engine provides the precision. SlideIT has the unique ability to recognize a word even when the sliding path is highly distorted. In regular daily use, the SlideIT recognition rate remains very high, even when the user slides quickly and with low accuracy.

Fastest Learning Curve

Feedback indicates that it usually takes a few minutes to get used to the application, and within a few hours, users double and triple their writing speed.

Lightweight Application

SlideIT requires few resources on your touch screen device, using under 2 MB of memory per language (for the dictionary). Dasur’s optimized engine uses minimal CPU and saves on battery power consumption.

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SlideIT Keyboard is the world’s best text entry solution for touch-screen devices. Just slide your finger along the letters... and the words “magically” appear.