Best Hidden Object Games for Android. (Review)

Hidden Object is a genre of Puzzle game in which the player needs to find multiple objects from a list that are hidden within in the environment or picture. Hidden Object games are inexpensive to buy and are a popular trend in casual gaming.

The players can immerse themselves in a dialogue experience while they are searching for hidden objects on the screen. Hidden Object games comprise a little bit story and lots of levels to complete. The players can manipulate the environment to find and fulfill the list of missing items to progress.

Everyone loves mysteries and adventures, and Hidden Object games come with both Adventure and Mystery elements.

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1. Azada

Azada is a Casual, Puzzle and Single-player video game created and published by Big Fish Games. The game takes place in the stunning world and revolves around the protagonist named Titus. According to the story, the protagonist is stuck in the puzzle book and needs your help to release him.

2. Gardenscapes

 Gardenscapes is a brilliant Adventure-based hidden Object Puzzle video game developed by Big Fish Games. The game allows you to create perfectly amazing Garden by finding the hidden objects scattered in the beautiful rooms of a huge mansion.

3. House of 1000 Doors

House of 1000 Doors is an Adventure, Hidden Object and Single-player Puzzle video game series developed by Alawar Entertainment for multiple platforms. The series takes place in a variety of haunted houses and cast you in the role of the protagonist who must go on an adventure.

4. Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes

Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes is an immersive, Puzzle, Hidden Object, Adventure and Single-player video game by Storm8 Studios. The game takes place in different locations and puts you into the role of the detective and includes a variety of criminal scenes to solve.

5. CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI: Hidden Crimes is an addictive Puzzle, Hidden Object and Single-player video game released for iOS and Android by Ubisoft Entertainment. The game puts you in the role of the detective and introduces a variety of challenging crime scenes. Select your avatar and customize him using different items and accessories.

6. Disney Hidden Worlds

Disney Hidden Worlds is an addictive, Puzzle, Hidden and Object and Single-player video game for Android and iOS. The game takes place in the worlds of Beauty and the Beast, Tangled.

7. Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor is an Awesome, Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle, and Single-player video game created and published by Game Insight. The game is designed for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. It offers puzzle-based gameplay and allows you to engage yourself in Hidden Object experience.

8. Return to Grisly Manor

Return to Grisly Manor is an Adventure, Hidden Object and Single-player video game developed and published by Fire Maple Games for Android and iOS. It offers a thrilling Manor where the game takes place, and the story revolves around Greedy developers who want to build a superstore in the location.

8. The Room Two

The Room Two developed and published by Fireproof Games is a Puzzle, Hidden Object, and Single-player video game for multiple platforms. It is the sequel to The Room released in 2012 and takes place in the 3D environments.

9. Prison Break

Prison Break: Lockdown developed by Amphibius Developers is an Action, Puzzle, Hidden Objects video game available to play on Android platform only. The game supports Single-player mode only and takes place in the beautiful environment.

10. Midnight Castle

Midnight Castle is a Casual, Hidden Object, Crafting and Single-player video game created and published by Big Fish Games. Beyond the walls of mysteries castle lies a rich story with challenging puzzles, horrible secrets, and hidden objects.

11. Doodle Find

Doodle Find is a Puzzle, Hidden Object and Single-player video game available to play on Android and iOS. It has two different modes such as Non-Stop Mode and Timed Mode. The game combines the elements of Puzzle, and Hidden Object and developed by Nad Games.

12. Another Case

Another Case: Solved combines the elements of Detective, Hidden Object, and Puzzle. It has Single-player mode only and lets you a chance to become a detective and solve a set of complex cases. It is developed by Noddlecake Studios Inc.


Slideit Keyboaed - The Best Virtual Keyboard On Android

SlideIT is a virtual Android keyboard application that allows users to write in a variety of ways, such as slides, touch or by your voice. This is a very well known application and is used by many Android users around the world.

With more than 6 million downloads on Google Play, SlideIT Keyboard is really a handy and useful app for users and has been recognized by everyone. In addition, the app was awarded the Android bestseller and was selected as an editor's choice by Google.

SlideIT keyboard


The first impression of this app is the convenience and support for multiple devices. To use, you just go to Google Play and download the app to your computer. With very light capacity and support from the Android 2.0 version including tablets (Android4.1), it can be said that SlideIT is compatible with almost all Android devices today.

Size: 6,9M.

The second impression is its usability. You'll find it helps you in writing quicly and easily. SlideIT has a lot of features, and its excellent tool completely helps you forget the touching keyboard available on your Android device. The typical features of SlideIT are smart predictions, over 70 language packs, more than 60 skins for you, keyboard customization. And if you do not like the slide for writing, you can still customize the touching mode for use in SlideIT.

Multi langaugeSkins

The third impression is also about the features of SlideIT, which is detailed in supporting the user. Let's list some of the features that i have used and feel very useful in SlideIT:

  • First of all, slideIT keyboard allows users to write text by "". With SlideIT, you do not need to type each letter, you just slide your finger across the letters and words will display on the screen.
keyboard Sliding
  • Word guessing. For example, when you write the word "THE". Once you've written the letter T, the top bar of SlideIT will appear a series of predictions like The, They, There ... and you just “tapping” on one of them to display it without continue typing the remaining words.
keyboard Tapping
  • In addition to predicting the letter when you are writing the first letter of the word, it also allows you to predict the next letter as soon as you have finished writing the word. For example, when you are finished with “HELLO”, the system will display a list of words, all, everyone…
keyboard Next word prediction
  • ABC mode allows you to use as a normal touch screen keyboard when you need to enter the exact word as the pass or address of someone.
keyboard ABC mode
  • QWERTYUIOP row with the accompanying numbers, click on them will have a suggest number for you to click. I really like this feature because it reduces the steps to switch the display to write the number while ensuring constant interface.
keyboard number suggestion
  • Ability to analyze voice is a unique feature of SlideIT. However sometimes we will encounter funny moment when using it.
keyboard Speech recognition
  • Hold down any key to reveal the symbols on the keyboard for you, and they will be suggested on the top bar of SlideIT as numbers.
keyboard long press symbol
  • You can add or remove words to the predictive dictionary in SlideIT. You can also back up and restore it if you lose your phone or the app is uninstalled. In particular, you can import your contacts to display in the predictive dictionary.
keyboard Bakup/restore dictionnary
keyboard Import contacts
  • There are also 12 shortcuts for fast actions:
  1. Open camera
  2. Insert time
  3. Open phone dialer
  4. Select all
  5. Insert date
  6. Insert email
  7. Open keyboard settings
  8. Cut
  9. Copy
  10. Paste
  11. Open browser
  12. Send email
keyboard Fast actions


SlideIT Keyboard is really a great app. It saves you a lot of time in writing mail, sending SMS or chatting with your friends. Besides, full supporting and easy to use has made SlideIT a popular application that many people love and use. But in general, slide function of SlideIT is more suitable for smartphone than widescreen tablet.