Top 6 Mobile Games With Beautiful 3D Graphics That You Can Not Resist

Not only have beautiful 3D graphics, the following mobile games also bring attractive gameplay and high entertainment for gamers. Now, let's discover what games they are!

1.Taichi Panda 3 : Dragon Hunter

After several closed beta testing, Taichi Panda 3 Dragon Hunter has officially launched on the global market. This is the third installment of the popular Snail Games series Taichi Panda. Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter is essentially an MMORPG built on the mobile platform, bringing an enormous world into your smartphone.

Taichi Panda 3 : Dragon Hunter

In addition, as the game is built around the open world, combined with the Flexi Engine graphics platform developed by Snail Games itself, has created an incredibly smooth combination from gameplay to the interaction with the "environment".

The plot of Taichi Panda 3 will still be based on the previous sections. Like all MMORPGs, players are still capable of exploring the vast world, with many interesting activities such as hunting and capturing about 1000 different mounts, setting up clans to battle clans, or risk yourself in difficult and dangerous boss battles.

Link download: Android

2.Time Crash

Time Crash is an arcade game combining Endless Runner with a unique first-person perspective that has recently launched on the iOS platform, if you're looking to find a game that's entertaining, not challenging, so Time Crash is a very appropriate choice for you.

If you were a fan of the famous Steam game Mirror's Edge, you would have noticed the countless elements of Time Crash, still the parkour style of art, move and overcome obstacles. In addition, Time Crash is designed with the first view camera, giving players the feeling they are entering the game world.

With beautiful 3D graphics, extremely unique design, support up to 60 FPS, this game gives players a great experience.

Link download: Android

3.Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is the sequel to the popular mobile game series called ShadowGun developed and released by Madfinger Games in 2011. The action shooter genre, but the highlight of the series is the graphics. After six years of publishing, Madfinger Games is finally set to release the sequel to the Shadowgun series, called Shadowgun Legends, a first-person MMOFPS, set in a futuristic universe.

Of course, as a mix between role-playing and shooting, Shadowgun Legends has such important features as gaining experience to level up, increase skill, trade items. The game impresses with the system custom character, weapons and armor are extremely diverse for players to set up, create their own. In addition, the game also blends harmony between FPS elements with classic MMORPGs such as guild systems, adventure dungeons, raid, etc.

Shadowgun Legends has opened for players to enter the test. All you have to do is go to the following address and click on the "Sign Up for Beta" box. Then just enter your personal email, the registration process will be completed. Official website of Shadowgun Legends.

Shadowgun Legends has not announced the official launch date, so we must wait to experience this exciting game.

Link download: Android

4.Armed Heist

In the same way as Payday, the player will hold a bank robbery but instead of trying to do everything silently, the game will force you to engage in gun battles with countless scenes from the jewelery store, money carriers or even prestigious banks.

In addition, Armed Heist adds an upgrade system and purchases weapons so that players can equip their robberies with powerful weapons. You can also compete against other players in the game world rankings by participating in the most difficult robberies.

The graphics in Armed Heist are also well-designed with 3D style, bringing the latest shooter experience to the player. The fire and explosion effects occur continuously after each phase of the fire.

It is not clear when Armed Heist will be available, but it is expected that the game will be available on iOS and Android in the end of the year. You can now subscribe to the home page below for the chance to test the game soon.

Link download: Armed Heist

5.Into the Dead 2

In Into the Dead 2, you are no longer an anonymous character like the first, but you will become a truck driver named James - who is trying to return to his family after the zombie epidemic is exploding in the world. But on the way, James's truck suddenly crashed and he had to run all the way back home. With bloodthirsty zombies, James will have to do everything to get back home with his sister and his father.

Join the game in first person perspective, you have to run continuously and overcome hundreds of zombies. At the same time, the game also gives you some weapons from guns to melee weapons to help you survive longer. Of course the highlight of this brand has been back, you will not be able to move freely to explore the world around, but you have to follow the path set by the game. Just control your character to the left and avoid the zombies as well as shooting.


Link download: Android

6.Dead Rivals

In essence, Dead Rivals is a pure MMORPG, and players will be able to choose between three basic characters with different skill sets to start the adventure against the fierce Zombie. Developed with third-person perspective, mixed action, players will have to fight with the Zombies with the weapons and equipment they have. And the player must also find a way to rescue others from the zombies.

The special feature of the game is the use of trivia items to close the fight with the zombies while saving each bullet to use for dangerous situations. Gameloft has increased the difficulty of the game because the zombies of Dead Rivals mobile is very aggressive and extremely agile.

The game has extremely bright and animated graphics instead of the dark scenes in zombie games. Especially if you are a little aware that you will recognize the graphics and play style of the game is very similar to Dead Island - another popular role-playing game also take the zombie theme but on the PC.

Link download: Android

14 Action Games Are Extremely Attractive To Play On Android

There are many games on PlayStore and it's hard to know what a great game to play. Therefore, in today's article we will summarize the best action games for you to experience.

Action games are one of the easy-to-play genres and are well received by many gamers. Not only on PCs or consoles, but on mobile phones, particularly Android, there are many action genres, including more specific genres such as shooting, fighting, action adventure and platformer… so i would like to introduce you some of the best action games now on Android for you to easily choose.

1.Alto's Adventure

lto's Adventure is one of the best endless runner games in 2016. The game is very simple, you will play one of many characters, in the snow on the mountains and catch the camel back to the cage. The graphics of the game are designed in the Material Design style, simple but impressive. The sound of Alto's Adventure is very soft, suitable for the gameplay as well as the scenery in the game. This is a game worth playing, can entertain in a short time that Android users should try.

  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: Nooblecake Studios Inc.

Link download: Alto's Adventure

2.Asphalt Xtreme

The second game is a very special racing game. Asphalt Xtreme is the latest installment of the popular Asphalt racing series from Gameloft. Unlike previous versions, in Xtreme, you will be racing on dusty roads, crossing muddy jungles, etc. The ultimate goal is to beat the other racers.

The game has a total of 5 modes, more than 400 laps, 500 challenges and 35 vehicles to choose from. Asphalt Xtreme also has a multiplayer mode that you can compare to other players around the world.

  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: Gameloft.

Link download: Asphalt Xtreme

3.Critical Ops

Critical Ops is one of the most attractive FPS games today. The game has just been released recently and is similar in style to the famous Counter Strikes. You will play the role of terrorist or cop, fighting each other online.

This game is still being developed, updated with many new features, making the game always interesting to players. As with many free games on this list, Critical Ops also has real money buying options so you can buy better gear.

  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: Critical Force Ltd.

Link download: Critical Ops


Game #4 is a very simple but very interesting game. Despite the graphics and simple gameplay, the Duet feels extremely intense when played. Your task is to rotate the two balls around one axis while avoiding the obstacles on the level. It sounds simple, but it's really hard. Experience the game to see how challenging the game is.

  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: Kumobius.

Link download: Duet

5.Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is also a simple graphical game, but the game is highly actionable. You will move around a 3D map and destroy the obstacles on the way. The game has over 100 levels, 15 stages, 12 game modes and lots of skill or customization for you. The game also has a hardcore mode where you will have to play without skill or teamwork. The game is expensive, but it's worth the money. You can play games with handheld devices if you want.

  • Price: $9.99
  • Developer: Activision Publishing, Inc.

Link download: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

6.Into the Dead

Into the Dead is an endless runner game but with a very new style. You will try to survive as long as possible between the aggressive zombies. In addition to running away, the game also has a lot of action scenes where players can collect and upgrade weapons to survive longer. Into the Dead also has a mission system to help players not feel bored playing the game.

  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: PikPok.

Link download: Into the Dead

7.Riptide GP: Renegade

This 7th game is also a racing game, (more precisely, jet-ski racing). Riptide GP: Renegade has an extremely eye-catching graphics. The game is upgraded pretty attractive, the more you play, the more you can create your jet ski faster to confront difficult opponents. The game also has a multiplayer system that allows players to compete against each other. You can even play split-screen games if you have a gamepad.

  • Price: $2.99
  • Developer: Vector Unit.

Link download: Riptide GP: Renegade

8.Rockstar-Studio Games

Rockstar Games is probably the studio that is so familiar to gamers. The most famous of their games must be the legendary GTA series. Rockstar has brought many of its games to Android, the latest is Bully. Bully also have open game play similar to GTA. Nearly all Rockstar games are of very high quality, but their prices are not cheap, but they are worth the money.

  • Price: Depending on the game.
  • Developer: Rockstar Games.

Link download: Rockstar-Studio Games

9.Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is a plane shooter with a top-down perspective. This is an improved version of both graphics and gameplay compared to the old game that we often play on Nokia phones. In the game, you will control the combat against countless enemies, effects in Sky Force Reload very eye-catching and also very familiar to those who have played through the old on Nokia phone.

  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: Infinite Dreams.

Link download: Sky Force Reloaded

10.Sonic 4

Game in 10th place is a game with a character very familiar with the player, a legend in the game industry. Sonic 4 is the latest version of the Sonic’ series released on mobile devices. The game is a platformer with the usual dance moves. Sonic must be a game that has been associated with the childhood of many gamers. However, unfortunately, the price of the game is quite high, you have to buy each separate episode of the game for $ 2.99.

  • Price: $2.99/ Episode.
  • Developer: Sega.

Link download: Sonic 4

11.Super Phantom Cat

Super Phantom Cat is also a platformer game, but probably for the cat lovers. The graphics of the game are average, it is designed in retro style, and gameplay is the same.

  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: Veewo Games.

Link download: Super Phantom Cat


For the zombie fans, Unkilled is one of the most worthy games today. Developed by Madfinger Games, which also created the Dead Trigger series. Unkilled has beautiful graphics, more than 150 plot-based missions, lots of weapons to unlock and upgrade. In general, this is the best mobile themed-zombie FPS game you should not miss.

  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: MADFINGER Games.

Link download: Unkilled

13.Warhammer 40.000 Freeblade

Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade is one of many Warhammer 40,000 titles. Single player mode will allow you to control the robots to fight under the third view. You can customize, upgrade to make your robot stronger. This game is still in the development phase to gradually update new features for players, including the online mode.

  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: Pixel Toys.

Link download: Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade

14.Let It Die

The last game I want to introduce to you is a shooter. Xenowerk is a very interesting third-person shooter. The game has a fascinating gameplay from the very first moment when enemies (aliens) surround you in every direction and you have to shoot nonstop. Through 70 levels (with increasing difficulty), you will be able to test a variety of unique weapons to fight different types of enemies. This is not a popular game, but it's worth a try.

  • Price: Free.
  • Developer: Pixelbite.

Link download: Let It Die

Top 6 Free Android Games Worth to Play the Most in November 2017

This November, the Play Store added quite a lot of new attractive games, charging or free are available. However, my post today will only list the most valuable free Android games. Now, let's see what these games are!

1.The Walking Dead: March To War

Unlike the previous The Walking Dead sequels, March to War follows the style of multiplayer strategy with full focus on PVP. Here the player will lead a group of survivors, similar to Rick Grimes, to build a safe community to fight the bloodthirsty flood of zombies. But the threat comes not only from the insensitive creatures, but also from other groups.

The Walking Dead: March To War

This promises to be a typical element of the game, giving fans the visual identity that the film also comic series show. Fragile alliances, wars of gain, or simply the journey to become the ruler like Negan… you will see all in The Walking Dead: March to War.

  • Developer: Disruptor Beam

Link download: The Walking Dead

2.Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen

Square Enix has just released Meshi Quest: Five-Star Kitchen on the Android platform. This is a simulation game, managed, similar to Cooking Fever, but the game play is more focused on the process of making dishes.

There are a total of over 200 dishes available, most of which are Japanese dishes such as sushi, ramen, katsu curry, yakitori, Chinese food and hamburgers.

Have a measure on each guest and you need to finish the dishes and serve them before the guests get angry. A tip will be added if the dish is served well. Time management is an important part of the game, from cooking to serving to being a "combo" to making more money.

Starting from a small restaurant, over time the player can expand into a chain of many restaurants in the city. The management of this new restaurant chain is Meshi Quest's ultimate goal: Five-Star Kitchen.

Meshi Quest Five-star Kitchen

Link download: Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen

3.Golden Axe Classic

Golden Ax is a pretty old game that was first released in 1989 for many gaming systems like Genesis, Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System and Windows. As an Arcade-Brawler, the Hack N Slash style, allows players to experience the feeling of 'alone against the world'.

In addition, Sega has added a new feature to the Golden Ax Classic, allowing players to 'rewind' the game, bringing their characters back to their previous location for about 15-20 seconds to fix mistakes. Thanks to this 'rewind' feature, perfectionist players will probably spend quite a bit of time completing this game perfectly.

Except for the 'rewind' feature, the Golden Ax Classic still possesses the most intact of the original, the player controls one of the three main characters, starts the journey to bring peace to Yuria land. And your goal is very simple, destroy any of them who are intent on getting in your way, but beware of obstacles or traps that appear unexpectedly if you do not want to start again.

  • Developer: SEGA.

Link download: Golden Axe Classic

4.Titanfall: Assault

As a strategic type game, Titanfall: Assault takes on a bit of Clash Royale by requiring players to deploy proper attacks and defense based on available armies. Players face each other in a map, trying to capture and control the three main base stations or destroy the giant turrets in the enemy base.

First, you can only send out Pilots to deal with enemy troops. Only when the timer counts down to the three-minute mark, the giant Titan machines can be deployed, increasing the severity of the battles dramatically.

Overall Titanfall: Assault is a quality product with an easy to grasp gameplay mechanics, and it's important that it's free-to-play.

  • Developer: NEXON M Inc.

Link download: Titanfall: Assault

5.Noblemen: 1896

Noblemen: 1896 - the newest rookie of Foursaken Media. As a game with a unique game combining shooting genres with tactics, Noblemen: 1896 will definitely create a whole new wind on Mobile.

Rather than revolve around boring historical lessons, Noblemen: 1896 brought gamers to a parallel stream of time in the late nineteenth century. Here gamers will step into the horrors of the Civil - War - America and World War I.

Going deep into the gameplay, Noble Prize: 1896 will leave gamers in two positions in parallel: one with the ability to control the whole battlefield, and one as a soldier directly into battle. In the first place, players will have the right to command units to perform various tasks. From attacking the base, attacking the camp to attacking the castle, all will make you become a real ranger.

In second place, the player will carry his gun straight into the battlefield. Here Noblemen: 1896 will act as a third-person shooter, requiring the player to hide behind the shield and shoot back the enemy. At this point in time, the protagonist can activate the shield behind his back, plunge into the ground and become mobile shields in front of enemy bombs.

  • Developer: Foursaken Media.

Link download: Noblemen: 1896 


The game is a turn-based, tactical RPG, set in the world of apocalypse, the plot revolves around the protagonist and hero of the world - Sonny. He cannot remember anything about his past, not ideal, there is always some contradiction in his mind.

However, Sonny ventured to an adventure to rescue the world. Each battle is a turn-based battle, which is about strategy, planning to defeat each type of opponent. As more members join the team, the battle becomes more complicated, especially as each character can gain new skills through the victories gained.

Sonny's accent is a Western-themed design, like DC or Marvel, which makes gamers feel like real superheroes.

  • Developer: Armor Games.

Link download: Sonny

5 Extreme Mobile Games Like Clash Royale

Clash Royale is an extremely exciting and well-known real time strategy game world-wide. It can be said that this is one of the most popular mobile games to date. However, there is something negative about it, so does Clash Royale. The weakness of the game is that it is so well known, the player has experienced and too familiar with the game led to the "bored." Then in today's article, Mobiletextinput would like to offer you 5 very special games with the same style as Clash Royale. Maybe through this article, you will find a new wind, feel excited when starting a new journey from one of the following titles.

1.Titanfall: Assault

The first game I want to introduce to you is Titanfall: Assault, a strategy real-time strategy game developed by Respawn in cooperation with Nexon. A new mobile version is simulated by the famous PC game series Titanfall, if you are an FPS gamer, you must have heard of this game. Titanfall: Assault promises to be a new supercomputer on the mobile at this moment due to the uniqueness of it.

Titanfall: Assault follows the Titanfall version on the PC / Console, where I.M.C forces with massive galactic forces trying to suppress Militia. Playing the commanders on both sides, the player controls the most well-trained troops. From the armed forces, the pilots fly freely on the battlefield for the Titan giant with innumerable species ...

Like Clash Royale, the game allows the player to pick up soldiers at the enemy base, but now you can control your troops to the positions you want. This allows you to arbitrarily control the battlefield, coordinating the types of troops. But the most unique point of the game is the way to win. You do not need to destroy the enemy's bases and buildings, but you just need to capture multiple bases and get points from them over time. Who wins 100 points will win. Of course, you can still win faster by wiping out all your opponents.

Link download: Android

2.Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a free to play mobile game developed by EA. You will still see familiar characters from the Plants vs Zombies series on the PC, but the gameplay is a bit new compared to its original version. Let this EA have decided to hit the tactical card game market, a surprise for players who are familiar with the PC game.

If you have been through HearthStone, you'll probably be familiar with Plants vs Zombies: Heroes. The way graphics are rendered in animated style, making the gameplay closer to loved ones. However, the specific point of the game is that you will control a hero in the game to fight and defeat the enemy's hero, besides you also need to arrange the remaining cards to buff the attributes. Increases the strength of his hero when fighting. By the side, you will also encounter the familiar features such as some Hero can only move on the roof, under the lake ... and the individual skills of each Hero.

Link download: Android

3.Titan Brawl

The third game I want to introduce to you is a new MOBA game developed by Omnidrone. With its amazing gameplay and "familiar" graphics, it's easy to get addicted to this game right from the first moment of it.

Since this is a MOBA game on mobile, developers have paid great attention to the habits and the suitability of each battle, so in Titan Brawl, each battle lasted only 4 minutes, one Time too well suited to play on mobile phones. And if after 4 minutes neither party has destroyed the main enemy, the game will determine the winner by the score of each side.

At first glance, gamers will catch a glimpse of Clash Royale by its graphical style as well as the gameplay that is almost molded together. However, the difference of Titan Brawl is that the game has only two fixed lanes and players need to build their own army to be able to suppress and destroy the enemy base. In addition, the game pushes the competition of gamers to higher because of the global ranking.

Link download: Android

4.Battle Islands: Commander

The fourth game I want to introduce to you is Battle Islands: Commander. The strategy game developed by 505 Games Srl can be said to be one of the archetypal clashes of the Clash Royale. However, the context of the two games is completely different. If Clash Royale is set to be a legendary office of legend, then the Battle Islands: Commander has a more realistic, modern and clear scene, a war that is full of guns, weapons, equipment heavyweight. And your main task is to destroy the huge amphibious assault ship on the other side of the front line.

The highlight of the game is that you will have a lot of soldiers from soldiers, airmen, tanks, airplanes ... to work on building a diverse army. In addition, there are many ways to upgrade your troops so that your army will evolve in different directions, which will help players to find ways to "catch up" the enemy and build. An army of rational fighters to counter opponents.

Link download: Android

5.Siege: Titan Wars

The last game I want to introduce to you is Siege: Titan Wars. A typical Clash Royale style dropping strategy game developed by the Game Alliance. Step into the game, you will feel a fantasy world with the legendary creatures are fighting in the battlefield fierce.

However, as perceived personally, SiegeTitan Wars can be said to overcome the big shadow of Clash Royale in its play style. First you will have to create a set of tokens (this makes the game both tactical and collectible in a card game). Then you will summon your troops through these cards and attack them. If the cards are summoned to the regular soldiers or Titan automatically attacks the enemy soldiers, the types of spells allow you to automatically choose the direction in which to use them. There are various types of spells such as buffing your soldiers, increasing defense or attacking rival soldiers. This makes the player feel more active in their battles.

Link download: Android

Top 10 Best Android Game Of 2017

Gaming on smart phones is increasingly popular with gaming enthusiasts as it is easy to interact, play and entertain at times of stress without the need for bulky bundles. Therefore, in today's article I will introduce to you mobile games extremely attractive. The games that I'm going to introduce here are the Top 10 Best Android Game of 2017.

If you are a true mobile gamer, especially on Android games, you will not be able to skip these games.

1.Asphalt8: Airborne

If you mention Game for Android 2017, you cannot miss the racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne from Gameloft. This is a sports game with top-quality graphics that are so well known all over the world, owning an impressive collection of cars with lots of exciting racing tracks and background music. You can upgrade or unlock new car after completing the missions that the game offers. In addition, Asphalt 8 also supports online play mode, allowing you to challenge friends or rivals online, which brings more fun and fierce competition. In particular, the game allows players to download completely free.

Link download: Android

2.Dead Trigger 2

If you are a follower of the zombie genre on mobile devices, you must know Dead Trigger 2.

Dead Trigger, launched on mobile devices (both iOS and Android) for the first time in 2012, with graphics platform using the most beautiful Unity engine at that time. With a zombie-style "hysterical" game play, and the rigor of game play and equipment design, the game really gets players excited to experience it.

Dead Trigger 2 is a fast-paced game where Zombies are invincible from side to side, aggressive attacking you - players with everything, even when they have lost their hands, legs - forced try to kill them to survive.


Link download: Android


Third place went to Zombie, UNKILLED. This is one of the most underrated zombie shooter games of 2015, but after a while development, UNKILLED has created a huge fan base. Your job is to destroy all the zombies with over 300 missions and 50 different weapons.

With a nice view and unique game play, this is really a great game to try for those who love zombie shooting.


Link download: Android


The fifth game I mentioned will also be a zombie game! lol just kidding! This is a MOBA game

If you are a fan of MOBA games on PC you cannot ignore Vainglory on the list of best android games 2017. Vainglory is a game of MOBA tactical opposition; you will control a general and side with teammates. , aiming to defeat the enemy across the map. The highlight of this game is not the nice graphics but the general system, skills and items can be upgraded.


Link download: Android

5.Smash Hit

The fifth game is a game with very simple game play.

Smash Hit is one of the "easy-to-play, addictive" games that have a very impressive 3D interface.

Users can also adjust the graphical quality, select the level of play and view their achievements at the game's main screen. With Smash Hits, the player's task is to use the ball to extend the journey. You can open your way by breaking the bar blocking the road or activate the buttons to open the door.


Link download: Android

6.Sky Force Reloaded

One of the names is extremely familiar and has been on the smart phone for a long time. Sky Force Reloaded is a line of traditional aircraft games, but with stunning graphics, not only inherited from the previous version, Sky Force Reloaded is also upgraded in terms of graphics, sound and game play. The game promises to bring gamers flying stages and fierce battle scenes.


Link download: Android

7.Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is one of the "rare" winds in the gaming industry that many users love. It's a bit like "This War of Mine," but it's brighter in color and the game play is much more fun. In the game, you will build and develop a shelter with good habitat for survivors (called residents) after nuclear disaster. You will face challenges such as fire, monster attacks ... and find ways to solve them to complete the game mission.


Link download: Android

8.Clash Royale

What a serious mistake if we did not mention this game Clash Royale. This is the latest game developed by "Father" of the legendary strategy game Clash of Clan.

Clash Royale can be considered a new play of the real-time strategy game series. Each player will own a defensive area with 3 defensive towers and a line consisting of 8 cards and you have to dexterously calculate tactics so that the generals move within 2 lanes to attack the enemy. Who can destroy the main tower in the middle will win the final. Note: we only have 3 minutes to carry out our plans and destroy the opponent.


Link download: Android

9.Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope is a well-known game and it is loved by many people thanks to its cute graphics and funny sound. Cut the Rope: Magic continues to bring Om Nom frog adventure with the mission of defeating evil wicked spider monsters and regain the candy he has stolen. Experience the game and you will have a very relaxing time.


Link download: Android

10.Pokemon GO

The last game in the best android game 2017 is a very well-known game when it comes out as Pokémon Go, although it is not as attractive as it was before. In the game, you will explore the real space around you to catch the Pokémon Go. Nintendo recently upgraded many new features to improve game play and fix errors related to GPS navigation, to prevent bad players from possessing all of the special Pokémon. Download this game to experience the game with this unique virtual reality technology.


Link download: Android

5 Games Mobile Chibi Graphics You Should Not Leave

If you are a gamer, you've probably heard from Q-style (Chibi style) when it comes to graphics of some games. That is the graphics with the short, short, most people will have a round face and extremely lovely. This style of graphics is very popular all over the world and has appeared in the long range of games from PC games to mobile games, web games flash.... However, in a myriad of games and graphics like that, where would be the most cute and favorite games? In this article I will introduce to you 5 favorite mobile games are very popular style Q style graphics.

1.Medal Masters

The first game I want to introduce to you is a mobile game released by Nexon of Korea. Not surprisingly, the Medal Masters are well received and widely distributed in Uncle America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and more than 15 other countries around the world. When you first enter the game you will be infatuated with the chibi form extremely cute but also exudes strong demeanor style of each character.

In addition, the gameplay in Medal Masters also impressed the player. You will have to do quests or find a way to collect the heroes to sort your squad. Maximum of up to 6 Heroes can be used in battle. And when you're done, the Heroes will automatically fight and you will experience a very fiery firefighting in large battles from 4vs4 upwards with continuous attacks, and when enough you also have the ability to activate the special skills of each Hero anymore.

Besides, you will also feel the world in Medal Masters is extremely interesting because the Hero class is extremely rich, you will have witches, archers, swordsmen ... and each Hero has. Your gorgeous pictures with exquisite graphics will surprise you and really want to own them. Try to win the battle, successfully cross the rails to get the medals and open them to receive rewards, maybe you are lucky and can open rare Heroes?

Link download: iOSAndroid

2.Pokemon GO

In the year 2016, Nintendo's and Niantic's shake hands up a game where millions of people are forced to go out and find cute Pokemons with chibi style. With the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology such as global positioning and AR technology, Pokémon GO has become a game that young people are extremely fond of and look forward to at the time.

Come to Pokemon GO, you will find them through the GPS positioning system and then you have to train them to become stronger and take off against other players in the designated locations real life.

For some people (including myself), they love the game simply because they want to collect as many Pokémon as they are extremely cute and cute.

Link download: iOSAndroid

3.Clash of Clan

It will be a huge omission if we do not point to the top game in the world. This is a free mobile game with chibi graphics extremely different, it still feels cute, lovely from the character formation, works in the game but still has a very own game character "Europe" really.

In addition, talking about the hotness of the game cannot fail to talk about its play. First, the game will give the player a particular territory and you will need to build, upgrade and defend your territory. Besides, you also have to send troops to take over and loot the territory of other players.


Do you know what makes this game so popular and has more players? Let me show you! That is the feature when you online will not be attacked by others in their own territory. Extremely interesting and highly addictive feature is not it ^^!

Link download: iOSAndroid

4.Mystic Kingdom

The fourth game I want to introduce to you is Mystic Kingdom, a mobile game that mixes the tactics of Netmarble, the big company in the Korean game industry.

The gameplay of the game is familiar but very interesting. You will have to collect Hero, complete quests and participate in many battles to level up your Hero and train them more and more powerful. Along with the gameplay of 5 vs. 5 and a variety of skill systems, the game allows the player to enjoy the game and to lead them in the right direction by thinking strategically and tactically.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the crisp and vivid 3D graphics of the Mystic Kingdom. You will be fascinated with the elaborate image of each of the Heroes in the system, with more than 50 heroes in the game, will be amazed at the magnificence of the 5 to 5 high score battles with a dense density of skills and Beautiful effect is emitted …

Link download: iOSAndroid

5.NomNom Monste

If the 4 games on the gameplay is rich and unique, in this last game I want to introduce to you is a free to play mobile game that cannot be easier, a common feature of Games on iOS. When entering NomNom Monster, you control a little monster and try to eat the food around to be bigger and sometimes if you are lucky, you will encounter rare foods that help the monster grow fast than. However, the main attraction of the game is that you will have to deal with other online players, they will also control monsters like you, but the size of monsters will vary depending on the amount of food that Eatable monster. You will have to run around in order to dodge larger monsters as they are capable of eating you to make you lose your life, or you will chase after the smaller "prey" you can eat it lol.

And to be more attractive, the publisher also added special items to the maps to help the monsters have special abilities such as fast run, attack, defense ... In addition, the graphics stage also affected part to the success of this title. The monsters look extremely cute, lovely and fun under the unique style Q style.

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Here are 5 popular Q style mobile games that are loved by many gamers around the world. Each game will have its own play and appeal. Try to experience a game to see if it is attractive enough to you!

5 Amazing New Mobile Games To Experience In The Past Week

In today's most popular internet, mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. are almost the same thing that everyone must own at least one to catch up with social development. Since then, massively multiplayer game companies have launched a number of mobile game titles to capture this opportunity. However, among them, we do not know all know about all the games, do not know what is good games, what is bad game, what game is suitable for you. So today I will introduce to you 5 new mobile games that I consider to be worth the experience.

1.Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition

The first game I introduced to you was Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition, a fighting action genre developed by Nekki. You will enter some characters in the game directly against other opponents. The point of the game is to have a mana system, which is essential for you to release skills in combat. Each time you cast a mana skill will decrease, and it will recur slowly over time. About the game, the game is similar to the game of resistance, the game is designed on the horizontal screen and there are two groups of virtual keys. The group on the left for you to move the character and the right group consists of four icons corresponding to 4 skills.


Weapon systems in the game are also varied, but you need to buy them, but not free. Also need to mention the image of the game and character formation. The game has a slightly cartoon-oriented image and in particular, the characters will be just black shadows, which makes me personally feel Asian Ninja game. However, once you release the skill, you will see that the character's character will adorn the effect of this skill.


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2.Hunters League

The Hunters League is an action-packed role-playing game developed by O'ol Blue Inc. The game has a very unique team mode and unique features, you will be able to just shoot the gun while dodging and rush to fight with the enemy in each character to coordinate with the team to win.


You will experience the feeling of just right tactical calculations, just right and proper use of special skills, ensuring you will feel very happy hands and eyes. In addition, the Hunters League also allows players to transfer the character's role by converting weapons. Besides, it has to mention the "Hot" features such as the attractive PvP arena or the Resources War to win their own rewards.

This game has extremely impressive hand-drawn 3D graphics, in addition it is attractive because of the skill of combo skills or the team coordination to destroy the big Boss.


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3.Flippy Knife

Game 3 I want to introduce in this article is a game with a very simple but challenging game: Flippy Knife. This is an action game developed by Beresnev Games. The game is not too difficult game but the challenge of it is extremely attractive players.

The player controls a knife to make it move to the right target. However, while you watch the corner and throw the knife away, keep in mind that it will turn around and that you only succeed if the blade is in the target position. If the knife cannot be attached to the target, you are defeated. At that throw. There are over 35 types of knives, unique swords for players to choose and collect.


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4.Radiation City

Radiation City is the latest product from Atypical Games, is also the company that created the title survival game is quite famous Radiation Island.

This is a horror-inspired game and the image of the game is extremely excellent. You will play a character trapped in a city that is radioactive and the people here are radioactive and become crazy and degenerate. You will have to do it all the way, take advantage of everything you have or find to survive and escape this dangerous city.


This is a game that the fans of the survival, horror games should download immediately to experience. With brilliant graphics, the game takes you into a real world from the tops of the grass to the massive buildings.

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5.Raziel Dungeon Arena

Raziel Dungeon Arena, an ARPG genre developed by Guangzhou DiShiTian Software Co., Ltd., is the last game I want to introduce to you.


Like Diablo, the Raziel Dungeon Arena will be aggressively pushed into the action, picking up bosses, picking up items ... The game offers players over 60 dungeons with solo boss battles. Extremely harsh. Raziel Dungeon Arena also features 1vs1, 2vs2 modes, fierce guild battles and co-op mode for gamers to work together to win.

Raziel Dungeon Arena brings more than 20 different heroes for players to collect and choose. Each hero has different strengths and skills. The special feature of the game is that during combat, you can control both heroes at the same time and move them attack or backward to serve your strategy.


Like the traditional ARPG titles, the heroes of the Raziel Dungeon Arena will be upgraded to power with the items found when players adventure in the dungeon. In addition, the game also allows you to create weapons and create special skills for your hero.

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