Runescape is the world’s largest free MMORPG and the most-updated game (recognised by the Guinness World Records) with more than 200 million accounts registered.

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This MMORPG game is a browser based game with fantasy type. It allows players to create their own characters, without any restriction. Runescape also allows players to buy and sell items to other players.If you’re a fan of this game and looking for some similar games like Runescape for your own Android device, you could refer to our list as below.

1. Avernum: Escape from the Pit.

Developed by Spiderweb Software, Avernum: Escape from the Pit is an epic creation that will tell you a story of imprisonment, rebellion, and the struggle for freedom against overwhelming odds. This game is the first chapter in an Indie fantasy role-playing saga, and by going through the game, it will tell you the tale of desperate exiles and their battle for survival and a land to call their own.

Platforms: PC (Windows), Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android.

2. The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is an action role-playing game developed and published by inXile Entertainment in 2004. At first, it was released for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Later on it came to Microsoft Windows (June 2005) and finally arrived to iOS and Android in December 2011.

The game is different with the classic Bard’s Tale games, it was designed in a 3D environment with the player watching his only controllable character from an overhead vantage point. The Bard’s Tale could be called as role-playing video game, however, action-adventure game will be more suitable.

With over 20 – 30 hours of the adventure, you will be the Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars. Through magical song you summon characters to join your quest for coin and cleavage!

3. Marvel Avengers Alliance:

This game is a turn-based game developed by Offbeat Creations and published by Playdom on March 1, 2012, for Facebook social network. All characters and storylines published by Marvel Comics, written by Alex Irvine. The game also was developed as a promotion for the 2012 Marvel Studios crossover film The Avengers.

Marvel Avengers Alliancewas nominated and won the Best Social Game on the Video Game Awards 2012.

While playing this game, you will be a new S.H.I.E.L.D. recruit, dispatched by Nick Fury and Maria Hill. The more your play, the more heroes join the conflict as playable characters. You will take control of an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and can fully customize the agent by gaining experience, levelling up, and equipping your agents with various weapons and uniforms obtained within the game.

4. Final Fantasy VI

Arrived in Android on January 15th 2014 and iOS on February 6th2014, Final Fantasy VI included remade graphics but still the same storyline as the original.

Similar to previous Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy VI consists of four basic modes of gameplay: a World map, town and dungeon field maps, a battle screen, and a menu screen. During the game, you could travel across the overworld are by foot, Chocobo, and airship. Most of enemies are randomly encountered on field maps and on the overworld when you travel by foot.

While traveling through the game, you will live in the 19th century, with opera and the fine arts serving as recurring motifs throughout the game, and a level of technology comparable to that of the Second Industrial Revolution.

5. Monster Warlord

Developed by GAMEVIL Inc. in 2012, Monster Warlord is a Role-Playing game for mobile including iOS and Android.

This game is another version of Pokémon where you can play to catch Monsters and Defeat Your Enemies. During the game, you’ll have to complete quests as mysterious monsters appear before you.

The objective of this game is to capture the strongest and rarest monsters and at the same times, you will meet other players who want to challenge the strength of you and your monster.

There are many kinds of monster: fire, water, wind, earth, darkness, also rare and mysterious monster, each monster comes with their own special attributes.Monsters can be combined to each other (2 monsters at a time) in order to create an extraordinary monster. You could even join Clans and connect to Social networks too.


If you’re looking for some games that have similar game-style like Runescape, the top 5 games above surely won’t let you down. Let’s try out and let us know which one is your favourite game. Hope you enjoy our review and looking forward to seeing you again on our site.


Hidden Object is a genre of Puzzle game in which the player needs to find multiple objects from a list that are hidden within in the environment or picture. Hidden Object games are inexpensive to buy and are a popular trend in casual gaming.

The players can immerse themselves in a dialogue experience while they are searching for hidden objects on the screen. Hidden Object games comprise a little bit story and lots of levels to complete. The players can manipulate the environment to find and fulfill the list of missing items to progress.

Everyone loves mysteries and adventures, and Hidden Object games come with both Adventure and Mystery elements.

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1. Azada

Azada is a Casual, Puzzle and Single-player video game created and published by Big Fish Games. The game takes place in the stunning world and revolves around the protagonist named Titus. According to the story, the protagonist is stuck in the puzzle book and needs your help to release him.

2. Gardenscapes

 Gardenscapes is a brilliant Adventure-based hidden Object Puzzle video game developed by Big Fish Games. The game allows you to create perfectly amazing Garden by finding the hidden objects scattered in the beautiful rooms of a huge mansion.

3. House of 1000 Doors

House of 1000 Doors is an Adventure, Hidden Object and Single-player Puzzle video game series developed by Alawar Entertainment for multiple platforms. The series takes place in a variety of haunted houses and cast you in the role of the protagonist who must go on an adventure.

4. Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes

Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes is an immersive, Puzzle, Hidden Object, Adventure and Single-player video game by Storm8 Studios. The game takes place in different locations and puts you into the role of the detective and includes a variety of criminal scenes to solve.

5. CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI: Hidden Crimes is an addictive Puzzle, Hidden Object and Single-player video game released for iOS and Android by Ubisoft Entertainment. The game puts you in the role of the detective and introduces a variety of challenging crime scenes. Select your avatar and customize him using different items and accessories.

6. Disney Hidden Worlds

Disney Hidden Worlds is an addictive, Puzzle, Hidden and Object and Single-player video game for Android and iOS. The game takes place in the worlds of Beauty and the Beast, Tangled.

7. Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor is an Awesome, Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle, and Single-player video game created and published by Game Insight. The game is designed for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. It offers puzzle-based gameplay and allows you to engage yourself in Hidden Object experience.

8. Return to Grisly Manor

Return to Grisly Manor is an Adventure, Hidden Object and Single-player video game developed and published by Fire Maple Games for Android and iOS. It offers a thrilling Manor where the game takes place, and the story revolves around Greedy developers who want to build a superstore in the location.

8. The Room Two

The Room Two developed and published by Fireproof Games is a Puzzle, Hidden Object, and Single-player video game for multiple platforms. It is the sequel to The Room released in 2012 and takes place in the 3D environments.

9. Prison Break

Prison Break: Lockdown developed by Amphibius Developers is an Action, Puzzle, Hidden Objects video game available to play on Android platform only. The game supports Single-player mode only and takes place in the beautiful environment.

10. Midnight Castle

Midnight Castle is a Casual, Hidden Object, Crafting and Single-player video game created and published by Big Fish Games. Beyond the walls of mysteries castle lies a rich story with challenging puzzles, horrible secrets, and hidden objects.

11. Doodle Find

Doodle Find is a Puzzle, Hidden Object and Single-player video game available to play on Android and iOS. It has two different modes such as Non-Stop Mode and Timed Mode. The game combines the elements of Puzzle, and Hidden Object and developed by Nad Games.

12. Another Case

Another Case: Solved combines the elements of Detective, Hidden Object, and Puzzle. It has Single-player mode only and lets you a chance to become a detective and solve a set of complex cases. It is developed by Noddlecake Studios Inc.


Corruption of Champions is a free single-player menu-driven pornographic text RPG that caters to transformation fetishists and is written in flash. This arrangement has produced both a steady stream of revenue for Fenoxo and a steady stream of updates for players and is probably more profitable than flat sales or subscription fees would be.

Corruption of Champions
A sick wizened Lizard man lies in bed breathing heavily, he tells his tale, a story similar to that of the other denizens of this strange land. It is one of hardship and sorrow—a desperate struggle against rampant demon invaders determined to enslave other races for their own sordid ends.

A single solemn tear begins its inevitable descent down my, you’ll excuse the artistic license here, perfect cheekbones, before I abashedly remind myself that this is an erotic text-based fantasy browser game.

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1.A great start

Corruption of Champions is sad, funny, sexy, ridiculous, and better written than arguably any game in the genre has a right to be. Being the champion of a small village, the woefully underequipped hero ventures forth through a portal to a land occupied by demons and makes camp at a crossroads to explore the surroundings.

Starting the game prompts a healthy options of customization, including gender selection and skin color, but just about everything can be altered thanks to the transformative properties of consumable items.

Corruption of Champions
Drinking honey might give you the abdomen of a bee for example, or using a shark tooth may bestow the features of another creature (probably a walrus). The writing adapts to the player’s constantly changing appearance even in the lewd scenes. Especially in the lewd scenes.

2.Fight mechanism and interaction in the game

The first hostile enemy is likely to be a low level imp, although unwinnable fights do pop up and at times the best option is to run away. Almost every creature wants to test the elasticity of the player’s orifices with or without their consent, so combat is a frequent occurrence.

A physical strike and seductive poses make up the basic attacks. Later this expands (amongst other things, ouch) to magical spells and special abilities affected by various attributes.

Fight mechanism and interaction in the game
The actual combat itself is turn-based, just click on an action for that round and the game generates a result from both parties. A serviceable setup, if understandably detached. The last thing an erotic browser game should do is demand insanely complex strategic interaction from an audience with rapidly diminishing brainpower.

3.Not all creatures are hostile.

There are many of talkative critters in Corruption of Champions, willing to chat, ply their services, or join the camp as companions. The quality of writing mentioned earlier is noticeable throughout, extending to dialogue choices and a morality system which measures pureness/naughtiness.

Not all creatures are hostile

4.Unique Dungeons system

Exploration is as simple as clicking the explore button. That’s really all there is to it, unlike the developer’s other game in progress called Trials in Tainted Spacewhich has a map. Dungeons are an exception because they have a fixed point and connected areas that can be navigated, but those are few and far between.

Most of the play time is spent on area-appropriate random encounters, and while the randomness can keep a specific encounter needed to complete a side quest out of arm’s reach, new encounters pop up all the time to keep areas fresh and relevant.

Unique Dungeons system

5.Events in the game

There was one encounter in particular that galled me, a three-part event leaving my character permanently unable to fight. My only attack was suggestive posing, and since the same event also came packaged with the exhibitionist fetish, my game was essentially unplayable. If there was a way-out then I couldn’t find it.

Basically, that’s an issue easily avoided by a quick load in a game otherwise seamless in its execution. The oldest replayed events can still surprise you hours later with hidden options based on a myriad of variables like the main character’s body type and traits.

Events in the game


Corruption of Champions’most subjective quality is the effectiveness of its erotic field. The writer’s repetitive descriptions of certain body parts might possibly rub some people the wrong way. It costs nothing to find out since the game is absolutely free, simply because prolific avenues of smut distribution outside of HBO are hard to come by, or perhaps owing to so much to community collaboration from the project.

Corruption of Champions was free and played to exhaustive lengths by Mark Richard on PC. The game can be obtained from the dev’s blog (NSFW) alongside their next collaborative community project Trials of Tainted Space, which has a Patron page.

Dota 2 is a real-time strategy action game (ARTS) developed by Valve Corporation, based on the famous game “Defense of the Ancients” of Warcraft III.

Announced on October 23, 2010 on Game Informer, Dota 2 is being tested with a free beta for gamers. Valve releases Dota 2 via Steam, a Valve game platform and it is also one of the most popular platforms in the world.

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Dota 2

1.History of Dota 2

Dota 2 was developed in 2009, after Valve recruited developer “IceFrog” (who designed the Defense of the Ancients) to work for them. Since its launch, Dota 2 has always been the most played game on Steam, with a PCU of 1,262,612.

History of Dota 2

Then, on July 9, 2013, Dota 2 officially ended Beta and was released as Free to play on Windows.

July 18, 2013, Dota 2 is available on Linux and OS X.

On June 12, 2015, Valve announced that the entire Dota 2 will be moved to Source 2, in a beta update called Dota 2 Reborn. This new update features a completely new user interface, more customizable capabilities, and a gameplay system with Custom Game features.

On September 2, 2015, Valve officially updated Source 2 into Dota 2.

History of Dota 2

2.How to play Dota 2?

Each match in Dota 2 is a separate match and there will be two teams called Radiant and Dire, each team consists of 5 players. Each team will have a base in the opposite corner of the map. In the middle of the base is “Ancient”, this is your goal to win Dota 2. When you destroy the enemy’s Ancient, you will be the winner.

Each player controls only one hero. And you need to coordinate with your teammates to win the game. Dota 2’s brand is made up of tactics. There are over 100 Heroes in Dota 2, divided into Agility Hero, Strength Hero and Intelligence Hero. Each Hero will have different abilities and stats.

How to play Dota 2

However, in actual competition, gamers often divide Heroes into categories such as Carry, Tanker, Supporter, Roamer, Offlaner … to easily build teams and plan their strategies.

The impression in this game is that the items system is extremely rich. There are over 100 different items and each item has its own effect. With the same Hero, in different games, players will have different ways to build items. With each different way, Hero will have different strengths. This is the most unique and important factor if you want to win in Dota 2.

How to play Dota 2

In Dota 2, you will play with a top-down perspective. The maximum level of a hero in a match is 25. You can get EXP from killing creeps or killing an enemy hero. Creeps will appear on each of the three lane maps: Top, Mid and Bot. There will be defensive towers on these lane. Creeps are born from Barracks. There are two types of Barracks: Ranged Barrack and Melee Barrack. When your barrack is destroyed, your opponent’s creeps will be stronger. And first, you need to destroy all the defenses of a lane if you want to attack the lane barracks.

How to play Dota 2

When you last hit creeps or kill your opponent’s Hero, you will receive Gold. You can use Gold to buy items and make your Hero stronger. Items will be available in 2 Shop including Base Shop and Secret Shop. Besides, you can also get EXP and Gold from Runes. Runes are bonus items for Heroes. Hero will have a lot of advantages when eating these runes. However, Runes only appears in the river between maps and it only has “effects” in a short time.

In addition, players in Dota 2 can easily communicate with each other via chat or voice chat. You can also mute a player if you feel they are bothering you.

How to play Dota 2

3.Dota 2 – A game with great graphics

Currently, Vulkan is the graphics platform of Dota 2. Vulkan is a 3D graphics platform introduced for the first time in 2015, developed by the Khronos Group. This platform is for everyone but Vulkan mainly focuses on producing 3D content including apps, games or other interactive platforms. In short, Vulkan is a high-performance graphics platform for the next-generation GPUs.

Dota 2 - A game with great graphics

Most people agree that Dota 2 is a very nice graphics game. The environment in Dota 2 is sharply defined, the mysterious darkness, the highlights and details of the Heroes, plus the spectacular effects from the skills. In Dota 2, you can destroy the trees, you can run across terrain, you can see your shadow under the water … can be said that Dota 2 is quite a “free” land for players. With every setting turned on, Dota 2 is truly a game with great graphics.

Dota 2 - A game with great graphics

4.The reasons why Dota2 is the best game to emulate on the computer

a.Popularity around the world

Dota 2 is a game played around the world. Each area has its own servers to ensure the game is not lagged. Besides the global versions are always full of players, Dota 2 also distributed by the world’s leading publishers.

On October 19, 2012, China’s leading online game publisher, Perfect World, received a Dota 2 exclusive distribution license.

November 9, 2012, Nexon Co. Ltd., a major Korean gaming company, has been licensed to release games in Japan and Korea.

On July 9, 2013, Dota 2 has its own server for Southeast Asia on steam.

Popularity around the world

b.Positive reviews from the gamer community

After the first announcement of Dota 2, the game won the fan prize through IGN, surpassing many other popular games of the year like Battlefield 3Diablo III, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Guild Wars 2.

In December 2012, PC Gamer magazine put Dota 2 on the “Game of the Year” list. Then it was the title of the best E – sport game.

Positive reviews from the gamer community

In September 2012, PC Gamer rated Dota 2 “as a deep and complex product clinging to the most important details from Dota. There are also some prizes like other games, but Dota 2 has a very solid foundation “and scored 85/100.

Gamesreviews wrote, “DotA 2 is a great example of the MOBA game line and really has very good test results” with a score of 8.0 / 10.

Positive reviews from the gamer community

c.The most famous teams in the world are investing in Dota2

Currently, almost all the world famous e – sport teams own a “Dota 2 Team”. There are teams like Evil Geniuses, Alliance, Invictus Gaming, Vici Gaming, Na`vi, Liquid, EHOME, Fnatic, Mineski, Cloud9 … all of them are practicing day and night to win the big tournaments of Dota 2.

The most famous teams in the world are investing in Dota2

Dota 2 received such attention because of its huge bonus and tournament is held continuously. Dota 2 has gone beyond the scope of a video game on a PC, it is a major e-sport in the world and pro-players can make money with Dota 2.

The most famous teams in the world are investing in Dota2

d.Dota 2 tournaments is held continuously throughout the year

For Dota 2, the tournament is indispensable. There are always ongoing tournaments of the year. These tournaments come mostly from third parties. However, their size and bonuses are huge.

Let’s just skip the tournaments that Valve hosts (we’ll talk about it in detail in section 5), we can see that DotA 2 is hosting the big leagues like ESL One ($ 250,000 total prize money). Dota Pit, Epicenter, The Summit, Perfect World Masters, ProDota Cup,

Electronic Sports World Cup, SMM … these tournaments are held in different countries. Therefore, Dota 2 is always an e- sport that attracts pro – players as well as gamers around the world.

Dota 2 tournaments is held continuously throughout the year

e.The popular and attractive betting system

In Dota 2, players can purchase item chests and open them to receive items or set items of a Hero. In addition, players can receive rare items such as couries that have exclusive effects through in-game events. And players can trade or bet these items.

There are many sites for you to bet Dota 2 items through the tournaments. This is also one of the very interesting features that Dota 2 brings to the player.

The popular and attractive betting system

History has noted that Alpine Stalker’s set (the set of Ursa hero) was sold for $ 2,000, Platinum Baby Roshan (a courier with beautiful effect) was sold for $ 3000, Legacy Couriers (couriers have exclusive colors) was sold for $ 12,000, Golden Baby Roshan was sold for $ 13,000 and the highest was the Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog (a courier and also the most valuable item Dota 2) was sold for $ 38,000.

The popular and attractive betting system

5.The International – The tournament with the biggest bonus in video game history

In 2011, Valve invited 16 of the best teams in the world to compete in a tournament called The International. This tournament was first held by Gamescom in Koln, Germany. The champion prize was $ 1 million. Then, The International became an annual event, where the venue was moved to Seattle, Washington, USA.

The International – The tournament with the biggest bonus in video game history

Every year, The International is still the game that holds the title of the highest paid eCommerce tournament in the world. In 2017, the total value of the International prize exceeded $ 24 million. It can be said that if you are in the main event of The International, you will become an idol of the community of gamers and this will make a big change in your real life.

Year The total value of the prize of The International Championship Team Bonus of the Championship Team
2011 1.600.000 USD Natus Vincere 1 million USD
2012 1.600.000 USD Invictus Gaming 1 million USD
2013 2.874.381 USD Alliance 1.437.190 USD
2014 11.000.000 USD Newbee 5.028.308 USD
2015 18.000.000 USD Evil Geniuses 6.546.525 USD
2016 20.700.000 USD Wings Gaming 9.064.000 USD
2017 Over 24.000.000 USD Team Liquid 10.700.000 USD


On April 24, 2015, Valve announced that it would hold four major tournaments each season, called Major. Accordingly, the summer will be The International. The Majors are held in the form of The International with a fixed prize of $ 3 million. This is also an important tournament for teams to receive tickets directly to the main event of The International.

The International – The tournament with the biggest bonus in video game history

There are many games that are loved by the players all around the world. Most of the time, the things that players love about a game are the graphics, content and the colorful worlds within the game that bring great satisfaction to people. However, there is a popular game that doesn’t have any of the above-mentioned features:

  • Link download :
  • Developer :
  • Category : Action Games
  • Cost : FREE!

How does it play?

The game is developed by Freegames66 and is based on the famous Flappy Bird game.

Flappy Bird is a mobile action game. It’s a very simple game to play. In this game, you control a bird flying through green pipes. Each time you fly through a pipe, you’ll get 1 point. Your goal is to try and get the highest score. However, a very unique element, is that your bird can’t fly. You will have to touch the screen continuously as with each tap, the bird jumps forward. plays identically to Flappy Bird (instead of touching the screen, you click the mouse to make the bird jump). As the game was developed by Freegames66, you’re able to play the game online with other players on the web browser. You can even play together with your friends.

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My impression of this game was mostly already made in the original Flappy Bird, but I will talk more about that game in another article. As for today, we’ll focus on, and of course, its differences from Flappy Bird. apk

1: The 16-bit graphics that remind you of your childhood

First, we’ll talk about the game’s graphics. Nowadays, most people prefer the advanced 3D graphics on games such as those running on Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Source Engine, Unity… is different however, as the graphics and sound here are very simple, reminiscent of the old NES games you used to play.

This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the types of games that you like. If you don’t like this game, then we won’t discuss this anymore. But if you do like this game, then it’s most likely because it brings you back good memories of the games you’ve played during your childhood, especially Mario. The green pipes in are inspired by Mario, after all. game

2: Simple gameplay – extreme inhibitions that will keep you playing

Second, the gameplay of is very interesting. Inheriting almost entirely from the mobile version, we can see that the game is very simple. But when playing this game directly, it really creates extreme inhibitions for the players.

Do you know why? I’ve spent many hours playing and I realized something very important. In essence, this game is an endless runner. The bird will continuously fly forever. When playing the game, you’ll feel a sense of repetitiveness from constantly seeing the same pipes appear. But the longer you play, the harder it is to play the game.

The problem isn’t that it’s hard to get by the pipes but that the players themselves make the game harder. “Maintaining the skill and pressure” are the secrets here. The longer you play, the more tired you become and the more your dexterity decreases. That’s why it’s easy to get past the first pipes but you find it harder with the later pipes.

When you have a high score, you’ll have a lot of pressure trying to keep it, because it’ll take you a lot of time and effort to get this score again. Because of that, you’ll feel that the game gets harder and harder. And now you understand why you feel inhibited when playing this game but still want to play it again. 1

3: Interesting features that aren’t in the original

Lastly, we’ll talk about the features that the original FlappyBird did not have. In, the community features lets you either play with random players online or invite your friends to play together in a game room. Also, another interesting feature of the game is that passing each pipe will change the bird’s appearance.


There is one thing that I liked about this game, but I didn’t list it in the “Impressions” section, which is the experience of playing with the mouse. Clicking with the mouse feels quite different from touching the screen when playing games on the phone. Some people prefer the feel of touching the screen rather than the mouse clicks though so the game also allows you to play on a mobile phone. Therefore, I think it’s better that I write my own feelings in this “Conclusion”.

Once again, I want to tell you that is a very simple but extremely addictive game. You’ll love it not because of the graphics or the gameplay, but because of the inhibitions that the game creates. This is a very special game right?

Today I’m going to tell you about a famous Android game, it is Clash Royale. I must say that Supercell has excelled in creating a very attractive and very special game. This is the game’s information:

  • Link download : Clash Royale
  • Developer: Supercell.
  • Category: tower defense, cards games.
  • Cost: free.

Clash Royale

How does it play?

The game is very unique. You will control your troops on two parallel lanes and try to destroy the enemy base. Each side will have a main house and two pillars of protection, players will have to adjust the military to make it reasonable to both protect their works and destroy the main house of the opponent. Or at least destroy more buildings (over a 3 minute period).

Clash Royale


The first impression that Clash Royale brings to gamers is that the game is shown in a vertical format, completely different from previous Supercell games (Hayday, Boombeach, Clash of Clans). This change has created a new style of play.

Clash Royale
Players will start with the familiar Tutorials, where the goal of each game, the goal of the whole game, the goal that you will pursue every hour is revealed. But the way to achieve that goal is not simple. The purpose of this is to help the player possess the basic card to enter the real game. This is how Supercell leads the players into Clash Royale, and I love how they do it.

My second impression of this game is the card. The card is your army, the key to victory. Players will have to choose 8 cards, representing 8 units, or magic to enter the battle. Each card has a different use, depending on how the combination and the position you drop on the map to be able to promote the strength of the card. With this unique design, Clash Royale makes the players feel the excitement of the game and makes them always eager to own the rare, powerful cards.

Clash Royale
The card is divided into three categories: COMMON, RARE and EPIC. This ranking is only relative, since the strength of the cards depends on their level as well as how they are used. An EPIC card can easily be defeated by COMMON troops if you know how to use it properly. That’s why I like Clash Royale.

The units of Clash Royale are also very familiar, especially for players who have played Clash of Clans. Giants with their favorite targets are the enemy’s “buildings”, Archer girls with long-ranged attacks, and more advanced units such as the Witch and the Dragon. Comes with a magic system with multiple functions and can rotate the game if used properly. Interesting, right?

Clash Royale
Another important element in the game is the Elixir, which can be understood as a form of energy consumed by the use of cards, added automatically throughout the game. Depending on the type and strength of the card, the amount of Elixir consumed varies. It is important for the player to place the cards and go to the right place to avoid shortages or waste of energy. This is also one of the unique elements of the game. It clearly shows tactics very clearly.

Other impressive features of the game are “unexpected” and “unpredictable”. Because before the game you will not know what opponents have in their deck, nor do they know which unit they will use in the match. This has created tension and surprise in each match.


With familiar images, easy-to-access interface, “Supercell” fun sound, accompanied by attractive online PVP, Clash Royale is a great game, you should also try it.

SlideIT is a virtual Android keyboard application that allows users to write in a variety of ways, such as slides, touch or by your voice. This is a very well known application and is used by many Android users around the world.

With more than 6 million downloads on Google Play, SlideIT Keyboard is really a handy and useful app for users and has been recognized by everyone. In addition, the app was awarded the Android bestseller and was selected as an editor’s choice by Google.

SlideIT keyboard


The first impression of this app is the convenience and support for multiple devices. To use, you just go to Google Play and download the app to your computer. With very light capacity and support from the Android 2.0 version including tablets (Android4.1), it can be said that SlideIT is compatible with almost all Android devices today.

Size: 6,9M.

The second impression is its usability. You’ll find it helps you in writing quicly and easily. SlideIT has a lot of features, and its excellent tool completely helps you forget the touching keyboard available on your Android device. The typical features of SlideIT are smart predictions, over 70 language packs, more than 60 skins for you, keyboard customization. And if you do not like the slide for writing, you can still customize the touching mode for use in SlideIT.

Multi langaugeSkins

The third impression is also about the features of SlideIT, which is detailed in supporting the user. Let’s list some of the features that i have used and feel very useful in SlideIT:

  • First of all, slideIT keyboard allows users to write text by “”. With SlideIT, you do not need to type each letter, you just slide your finger across the letters and words will display on the screen.

keyboard Sliding

  • Word guessing. For example, when you write the word “THE”. Once you’ve written the letter T, the top bar of SlideIT will appear a series of predictions like The, They, There … and you just “tapping” on one of them to display it without continue typing the remaining words.

keyboard Tapping

  • In addition to predicting the letter when you are writing the first letter of the word, it also allows you to predict the next letter as soon as you have finished writing the word. For example, when you are finished with “HELLO”, the system will display a list of words, all, everyone…

keyboard Next word prediction

  • ABC mode allows you to use as a normal touch screen keyboard when you need to enter the exact word as the pass or address of someone.

keyboard ABC mode

  • QWERTYUIOP row with the accompanying numbers, click on them will have a suggest number for you to click. I really like this feature because it reduces the steps to switch the display to write the number while ensuring constant interface.

keyboard number suggestion

  • Ability to analyze voice is a unique feature of SlideIT. However sometimes we will encounter funny moment when using it.

keyboard Speech recognition

  • Hold down any key to reveal the symbols on the keyboard for you, and they will be suggested on the top bar of SlideIT as numbers.

keyboard long press symbol

  • You can add or remove words to the predictive dictionary in SlideIT. You can also back up and restore it if you lose your phone or the app is uninstalled. In particular, you can import your contacts to display in the predictive dictionary.

keyboard Bakup/restore dictionnary
keyboard Import contacts

  • There are also 12 shortcuts for fast actions:
  1. Open camera
  2. Insert time
  3. Open phone dialer
  4. Select all
  5. Insert date
  6. Insert email
  7. Open keyboard settings
  8. Cut
  9. Copy
  10. Paste
  11. Open browser
  12. Send email

keyboard Fast actions


SlideIT Keyboard is really a great app. It saves you a lot of time in writing mail, sending SMS or chatting with your friends. Besides, full supporting and easy to use has made SlideIT a popular application that many people love and use. But in general, slide function of SlideIT is more suitable for smartphone than widescreen tablet.