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There are many games that are loved by the players all around the world. Most of the time, the things that players love about a game are the graphics, content and the colorful worlds within the game that bring great satisfaction to people. However, there is a popular game that doesn’t have any of the above-mentioned features: Flaap.io.

  • Link download : Flaap.io
  • Developer : Freegames66.com
  • Category : Action Games
  • Cost : FREE!

How does it play?

The game is developed by Freegames66 and is based on the famous Flappy Bird game.

Flappy Bird is a mobile action game. It’s a very simple game to play. In this game, you control a bird flying through green pipes. Each time you fly through a pipe, you’ll get 1 point. Your goal is to try and get the highest score. However, a very unique element, is that your bird can’t fly. You will have to touch the screen continuously as with each tap, the bird jumps forward. Flaap.io plays identically to Flappy Bird (instead of touching the screen, you click the mouse to make the bird jump). As the game was developed by Freegames66, you’re able to play the game online with other players on the web browser. You can even play together with your friends.

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My impression of this game was mostly already made in the original Flappy Bird, but I will talk more about that game in another article. As for today, we’ll focus on Flaap.io, and of course, its differences from Flappy Bird.

1: The 16-bit graphics that remind you of your childhood

First, we’ll talk about the game’s graphics. Nowadays, most people prefer the advanced 3D graphics on games such as those running on Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Source Engine, Unity... Flaap.io is different however, as the graphics and sound here are very simple, reminiscent of the old NES games you used to play.

This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the types of games that you like. If you don’t like this game, then we won’t discuss this anymore. But if you do like this game, then it’s most likely because it brings you back good memories of the games you’ve played during your childhood, especially Mario. The green pipes in Flaap.io are inspired by Mario, after all.

2: Simple gameplay - extreme inhibitions that will keep you playing

Second, the gameplay of Flaap.io is very interesting. Inheriting almost entirely from the mobile version, we can see that the game is very simple. But when playing this game directly, it really creates extreme inhibitions for the players.

Do you know why? I’ve spent many hours playing Flaap.io and I realized something very important. In essence, this game is an endless runner. The bird will continuously fly forever. When playing the game, you’ll feel a sense of repetitiveness from constantly seeing the same pipes appear. But the longer you play, the harder it is to play the game.

The problem isn’t that it's hard to get by the pipes but that the players themselves make the game harder. "Maintaining the skill and pressure" are the secrets here. The longer you play, the more tired you become and the more your dexterity decreases. That's why it's easy to get past the first pipes but you find it harder with the later pipes.

When you have a high score, you’ll have a lot of pressure trying to keep it, because it’ll take you a lot of time and effort to get this score again. Because of that, you’ll feel that the game gets harder and harder. And now you understand why you feel inhibited when playing this game but still want to play it again.

3: Interesting features that aren’t in the original

Lastly, we’ll talk about the features that the original FlappyBird did not have. In Flaap.io, the community features lets you either play with random players online or invite your friends to play together in a game room. Also, another interesting feature of the game is that passing each pipe will change the bird's appearance.


There is one thing that I liked about this game, but I didn’t list it in the “Impressions” section, which is the experience of playing with the mouse. Clicking with the mouse feels quite different from touching the screen when playing games on the phone. Some people prefer the feel of touching the screen rather than the mouse clicks though so the game also allows you to play on a mobile phone. Therefore, I think it’s better that I write my own feelings in this “Conclusion”.

Once again, I want to tell you that Flaap.io is a very simple but extremely addictive game. You’ll love it not because of the graphics or the gameplay, but because of the inhibitions that the game creates. This is a very special game right?