Slope – The best 3D endless running game ever

Guide a ball through a Tron-like world and gain the highest score on the leaderboard,do you think that the main task of Slope is so easy?
First of all, I have to admit that its controls are extremely simple like run 3 (A very popular endless-running game too) . But soon, you will discover that mastering this game is a big issue. What is it? Down here to know now!

slope game
Welcome to the main screen of Slope

A quick glance at Slope Game

Slope Game is known as one of the best endless running games ever. Have you ever heard about this kind of game? If not, allow me to explain more!

Endless running games (also called infinite or non-stop running games) are platforms where the player character run continuously and cannot stop its forward momentum. And the game controls are limited to making your avatar jump, do special actions or attack. Nowadays, the appearance of the endless running games is widespread on mobile platforms because they are ratherappropriate for the small set of controls, often limited to a single hit for jumping.

Have you ever played Temple Run on your smartphone? This cool game is a typical example of the endless running game on mobile platforms that I’ve just mentioned above.

Now, let’s back to Slope, guys! Developed by RobKayS and released in 2011, Slope Game has become popular in recent times.

Speed up and steer the ball to the left

Unlike other endless running games, your main character in Slope is a big green ball. And to control it to move to the left and right, you need to be proficient in using the left and arrow keys on the keyboard. The ball will start running and then increase its speed when going down a randomized slope. At this time, you must be clever and quick to direct it to run on the slope. Why?

It’s because the slopes in this game are rather narrow. Hence, if you are careless in guiding the ball, it can fall into the abyss with ease. Besides, you might face up to obstacles or red blocks while running on the slope. With a gentle touch, the ball will be broken into pieces. As a result, the game will be over and you have to play again. Keep in mind that you have to start from scratch since all the scores will be deleted.

After running through each slope successfully, you will get 1 score. The more slopes you overcome, the more scores you have. When the game progresses, the speed of the ball will increase and more and more big challenges will happen. Therefore, you need to concentrate on the screen to direct the ball accurately.

The more slopes you overcome, the more scores you get

Explanations of slope in mathematics

Aside from an interesting endless running game, Slope Game also relies on mathematical formulas about slope.

As you know, the slope or gradient of a line is a number that represents both the direction and the steepness of the line. It is calculated by determining the ratio of the “horizontal change” to the “vertical change” between two specific points on a line. A real-life example of the slope is all about walking up or down a hill. Try imagining that the steeper the hill is, the harder you have to keep yourself moving.

There are three main kinds of slopes including positive, negative and equal to zero. But, when the slope is equal to zero, it means there is no slope.

  • A positive slope is that you go from the left to the right and you go up like walking up to the hill.
  • A negative slope is that you go from the left to the right and you go down like walking down the hill.
  • And if you walk from the left to the right and don’t walk down or up, it’s a zero slope.

Now, you recognize that applying slope in mathematics when playing Slope Game makes this game more interesting and exciting, don’t you? Start from a high position and then speed down on narrow and challenging slopes, you will experience a feeling like playing a roller coaster.

What makes Slope Game attractive?

  • One of the most attractive things that any player falls in love with Slope Game is its simple yet eye-catching graphics and style. From the very beginning, I described that the platform in this game looks like the world in Tron movie. With green, black or red neon lights on the screen, it’s hard to take your eyes off the screen.
  • The next fantastic feature is rapidly changing slopes that you cannot predict what will happen. Besides, more and more crazy obstacles will appear that make your race difficult and thrilling. The longer you run, the harder challenges you will encounter.
  • Earning a high place on the leaderboard is another interesting factor that makes you play continuously. Let’s check who’s the best and then try to beat him/her. But, remember that you need to login first.
  • Finally, Slope Game is suitable for all kinds of ages. You have no worry about violent images because they are safe, especially for your kids. So, be free to introduce this game to them.

Check the leaderboard to find who is the best


What are you waiting for, guys? Click on here and play Slope Game to experience one of the best 3D endless running game now!