Top 10 Best Android Game Of 2017

Gaming on smart phones is increasingly popular with gaming enthusiasts as it is easy to interact, play and entertain at times of stress without the need for bulky bundles. Therefore, in today's article I will introduce to you mobile games extremely attractive. The games that I'm going to introduce here are the Top 10 Best Android Game of 2017.

If you are a true mobile gamer, especially on Android games, you will not be able to skip these games.

1.Asphalt8: Airborne

If you mention Game for Android 2017, you cannot miss the racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne from Gameloft. This is a sports game with top-quality graphics that are so well known all over the world, owning an impressive collection of cars with lots of exciting racing tracks and background music. You can upgrade or unlock new car after completing the missions that the game offers. In addition, Asphalt 8 also supports online play mode, allowing you to challenge friends or rivals online, which brings more fun and fierce competition. In particular, the game allows players to download completely free.

Link download: Android

2.Dead Trigger 2

If you are a follower of the zombie genre on mobile devices, you must know Dead Trigger 2.

Dead Trigger, launched on mobile devices (both iOS and Android) for the first time in 2012, with graphics platform using the most beautiful Unity engine at that time. With a zombie-style "hysterical" game play, and the rigor of game play and equipment design, the game really gets players excited to experience it.

Dead Trigger 2 is a fast-paced game where Zombies are invincible from side to side, aggressive attacking you - players with everything, even when they have lost their hands, legs - forced try to kill them to survive.


Link download: Android


Third place went to Zombie, UNKILLED. This is one of the most underrated zombie shooter games of 2015, but after a while development, UNKILLED has created a huge fan base. Your job is to destroy all the zombies with over 300 missions and 50 different weapons.

With a nice view and unique game play, this is really a great game to try for those who love zombie shooting.


Link download: Android


The fifth game I mentioned will also be a zombie game! lol just kidding! This is a MOBA game

If you are a fan of MOBA games on PC you cannot ignore Vainglory on the list of best android games 2017. Vainglory is a game of MOBA tactical opposition; you will control a general and side with teammates. , aiming to defeat the enemy across the map. The highlight of this game is not the nice graphics but the general system, skills and items can be upgraded.


Link download: Android

5.Smash Hit

The fifth game is a game with very simple game play.

Smash Hit is one of the "easy-to-play, addictive" games that have a very impressive 3D interface.

Users can also adjust the graphical quality, select the level of play and view their achievements at the game's main screen. With Smash Hits, the player's task is to use the ball to extend the journey. You can open your way by breaking the bar blocking the road or activate the buttons to open the door.


Link download: Android

6.Sky Force Reloaded

One of the names is extremely familiar and has been on the smart phone for a long time. Sky Force Reloaded is a line of traditional aircraft games, but with stunning graphics, not only inherited from the previous version, Sky Force Reloaded is also upgraded in terms of graphics, sound and game play. The game promises to bring gamers flying stages and fierce battle scenes.


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7.Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is one of the "rare" winds in the gaming industry that many users love. It's a bit like "This War of Mine," but it's brighter in color and the game play is much more fun. In the game, you will build and develop a shelter with good habitat for survivors (called residents) after nuclear disaster. You will face challenges such as fire, monster attacks ... and find ways to solve them to complete the game mission.


Link download: Android

8.Clash Royale

What a serious mistake if we did not mention this game Clash Royale. This is the latest game developed by "Father" of the legendary strategy game Clash of Clan.

Clash Royale can be considered a new play of the real-time strategy game series. Each player will own a defensive area with 3 defensive towers and a line consisting of 8 cards and you have to dexterously calculate tactics so that the generals move within 2 lanes to attack the enemy. Who can destroy the main tower in the middle will win the final. Note: we only have 3 minutes to carry out our plans and destroy the opponent.


Link download: Android

9.Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope is a well-known game and it is loved by many people thanks to its cute graphics and funny sound. Cut the Rope: Magic continues to bring Om Nom frog adventure with the mission of defeating evil wicked spider monsters and regain the candy he has stolen. Experience the game and you will have a very relaxing time.


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10.Pokemon GO

The last game in the best android game 2017 is a very well-known game when it comes out as Pokémon Go, although it is not as attractive as it was before. In the game, you will explore the real space around you to catch the Pokémon Go. Nintendo recently upgraded many new features to improve game play and fix errors related to GPS navigation, to prevent bad players from possessing all of the special Pokémon. Download this game to experience the game with this unique virtual reality technology.


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