Top 3 Emulator Games to Play on Your Android or iOS Devices

Long ago, there was a time that an application or game could only be able to run or play in only a specific platform and other platforms won’t be able to run it, in the other hand, we could call it as an exclusive game/ application.

Nowadays with the smartphone evolution, millions of users are using smartphone and the hardware specifications of smartphone has surpassed the old hardware requirements for the old gaming platforms. That’s why many game emulator tools were developed in order to help users to play the old games in multiple platforms without any boundary.

So when will we need an emulator?

An emulator is used when an application designed for a particular hardware is supposed to be used on another hardware. In a simple meaning, games thatwere designed for a different platform can be played on an Android/ iOS device using an emulator.

However, you have to remember that the only way to interact with these games will be via on-screen buttons. If you need more physical interaction, then you could go with an external Bluetooth gamepad. Actually, touch-screen controls are certainly workable, but of course they are not ideal and may be worse performance than physical buttons.

If you’re looking for some quality games to play via emulator from your Android/ iOS device, these upcoming titles won’t let you down.

1. Pokémon (GBA):

Any Pokemon game will run smoothly on a phone emulator. The entire Pokemon franchise is just turn-based gaming style and it won’t require fast reaction while playing game, just easy and simple control.

For the past 02 decades, the Pokemon franchise has been going strong so far from its accessibility, addictive grind, and unfailing ability to attract players into catching them all.

Pokemon games are always fun, and they work just perfectly fine on a touch screen.


2. The Legend of Zelda:

The Legend of Zelda is one of the strongest franchises of Nintendo. This game is famous for epic quests and impressive puzzles.

The old 2D Zelda games series that were developed for NES, SNES, and Game Boy Advance will run just fine on a phone emulator, despite whether it’s for Android or iOS. Games do require some fast reflexes to fight enemies, but nothing too incredibly demanding.

You will be able to go through Link’s Awakening and most of A Link to the Past on touch screen controls just fine. The struggling mostly will come from the puzzles, not the controls, and that’s totally acceptable.

The only thing you might not happy about the old Zelda games is that they are pretty tough to go through without checking walkthrough. If you’re having difficulty to complete the game, one quick look though walkthrough won’t harm anything.


3. Chrono Trigger:

Chrono Trigger is not a franchise, but it is a very good game from SquareSoft (published in 1995 for Nintendo). If you try to search for game review of this one, don’t be surprised if you see so many words like “perfect” and “phenomenal”, this title earns them.

This is one of the best RPG I’ve ever played. Everything is perfectly from story, the gameplay, the settings, etc. If you’re looking for this game for your Android, then I prefer the SNES version to Capcom because it’s free and you can navigate the menus faster.

Verdict/ Summary:

Above is the top 3 games for Nintendo platform that you must have for your Android/ iOS emulator that we guaranteed will bring you absolutely excited. If you would like to support developer, you may also consider getting a 3DS and purchase the real game to enjoy playing with hardware buttons

So tell us, which one is your favourite?