Top 6 Free Android Games Worth to Play the Most in November 2017

This November, the Play Store added quite a lot of new attractive games, charging or free are available. However, my post today will only list the most valuable free Android games. Now, let's see what these games are!

1.The Walking Dead: March To War

Unlike the previous The Walking Dead sequels, March to War follows the style of multiplayer strategy with full focus on PVP. Here the player will lead a group of survivors, similar to Rick Grimes, to build a safe community to fight the bloodthirsty flood of zombies. But the threat comes not only from the insensitive creatures, but also from other groups.

The Walking Dead: March To War

This promises to be a typical element of the game, giving fans the visual identity that the film also comic series show. Fragile alliances, wars of gain, or simply the journey to become the ruler like Negan… you will see all in The Walking Dead: March to War.

  • Developer: Disruptor Beam

Link download: The Walking Dead

2.Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen

Square Enix has just released Meshi Quest: Five-Star Kitchen on the Android platform. This is a simulation game, managed, similar to Cooking Fever, but the game play is more focused on the process of making dishes.

There are a total of over 200 dishes available, most of which are Japanese dishes such as sushi, ramen, katsu curry, yakitori, Chinese food and hamburgers.

Have a measure on each guest and you need to finish the dishes and serve them before the guests get angry. A tip will be added if the dish is served well. Time management is an important part of the game, from cooking to serving to being a "combo" to making more money.

Starting from a small restaurant, over time the player can expand into a chain of many restaurants in the city. The management of this new restaurant chain is Meshi Quest's ultimate goal: Five-Star Kitchen.

Meshi Quest Five-star Kitchen

Link download: Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen

3.Golden Axe Classic

Golden Ax is a pretty old game that was first released in 1989 for many gaming systems like Genesis, Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System and Windows. As an Arcade-Brawler, the Hack N Slash style, allows players to experience the feeling of 'alone against the world'.

In addition, Sega has added a new feature to the Golden Ax Classic, allowing players to 'rewind' the game, bringing their characters back to their previous location for about 15-20 seconds to fix mistakes. Thanks to this 'rewind' feature, perfectionist players will probably spend quite a bit of time completing this game perfectly.

Except for the 'rewind' feature, the Golden Ax Classic still possesses the most intact of the original, the player controls one of the three main characters, starts the journey to bring peace to Yuria land. And your goal is very simple, destroy any of them who are intent on getting in your way, but beware of obstacles or traps that appear unexpectedly if you do not want to start again.

  • Developer: SEGA.

Link download: Golden Axe Classic

4.Titanfall: Assault

As a strategic type game, Titanfall: Assault takes on a bit of Clash Royale by requiring players to deploy proper attacks and defense based on available armies. Players face each other in a map, trying to capture and control the three main base stations or destroy the giant turrets in the enemy base.

First, you can only send out Pilots to deal with enemy troops. Only when the timer counts down to the three-minute mark, the giant Titan machines can be deployed, increasing the severity of the battles dramatically.

Overall Titanfall: Assault is a quality product with an easy to grasp gameplay mechanics, and it's important that it's free-to-play.

  • Developer: NEXON M Inc.

Link download: Titanfall: Assault

5.Noblemen: 1896

Noblemen: 1896 - the newest rookie of Foursaken Media. As a game with a unique game combining shooting genres with tactics, Noblemen: 1896 will definitely create a whole new wind on Mobile.

Rather than revolve around boring historical lessons, Noblemen: 1896 brought gamers to a parallel stream of time in the late nineteenth century. Here gamers will step into the horrors of the Civil - War - America and World War I.

Going deep into the gameplay, Noble Prize: 1896 will leave gamers in two positions in parallel: one with the ability to control the whole battlefield, and one as a soldier directly into battle. In the first place, players will have the right to command units to perform various tasks. From attacking the base, attacking the camp to attacking the castle, all will make you become a real ranger.

In second place, the player will carry his gun straight into the battlefield. Here Noblemen: 1896 will act as a third-person shooter, requiring the player to hide behind the shield and shoot back the enemy. At this point in time, the protagonist can activate the shield behind his back, plunge into the ground and become mobile shields in front of enemy bombs.

  • Developer: Foursaken Media.

Link download: Noblemen: 1896 


The game is a turn-based, tactical RPG, set in the world of apocalypse, the plot revolves around the protagonist and hero of the world - Sonny. He cannot remember anything about his past, not ideal, there is always some contradiction in his mind.

However, Sonny ventured to an adventure to rescue the world. Each battle is a turn-based battle, which is about strategy, planning to defeat each type of opponent. As more members join the team, the battle becomes more complicated, especially as each character can gain new skills through the victories gained.

Sonny's accent is a Western-themed design, like DC or Marvel, which makes gamers feel like real superheroes.

  • Developer: Armor Games.

Link download: Sonny